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How to deal with the broken mercury thermometer

Mercury thermometer is a necessary item for the family. When the family has some discomfort, they can use it to measure their temperature. But when the mercury thermometer falls to the ground and breaks, the Mercury will become a ball and roll on the ground, which is a more troublesome thing. Today's news editor will tell you what to do if the mercury thermometer breaks. Let's have a look together for the health of your family and you!

After the water thermometer is broken, you should immediately turn off the heating appliances like the heating, and then open all the windows in the room to make the room fully ventilated. After the smell of mercury is almost scattered, wear rubber gloves without damage to pick up the mercury and put it in the paper box. If the light in the room is not particularly bright, you can use a flashlight for lighting. All the mercury should be picked up and checked carefully for any missing places.

If the sphere formed by mercury is relatively large, it can be glued with thick and wide adhesive tape, and then sealed with an abandoned glass bottle. If the particle size of mercury ball is relatively small and the quantity is very large, this situation is more troublesome. You need to go to the drugstore to buy some sulfur powder, which can be bought in the ordinary drugstore. If you sprinkle the sulfur powder on the mercury ball, there will be a chemical reaction to generate mercury sulfide, which is relatively safe.

After cleaning up the mercury ball, you should use a fan to blow against the ground polluted by mercury, preferably for more than three hours. Let the residual mercury evaporate clean. After using the electric fan to blow the ground, the polluted ground should also be washed with bleaching agent, otherwise it will have adverse effects on people's life and health. If the mercury in the mercury thermometer is sprinkled on the bed sheet or clothes, it is better to discard it for the sake of life safety. After all, the consequences of Mercury entering the human body are very terrible.