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Where can I live when I'm old? What are the suitable places for the aged in China

Both the elderly and their children want to find the most ideal place for the elderly to live in, so where is the best place to live when they are old? What are the suitable places for the elderly in China? The 10 most suitable cities for the elderly in 2019.

China's top ten Characteristic Towns for the elderly:

10. Dandong -- leisure and quiet

Reason for Election: warm and humid Spa Resort

Dandong is located on the Yalu River in the southeast of Liaoning Province. It is a coastal city with industry, commerce, logistics and tourism as the main body. Dandong is adjacent to mountains, rivers and sea, belonging to temperate monsoon continental climate, and the South belongs to semi continental and semi marine climate. The climate is pleasant, summer is not hot, winter is not cold, the annual average temperature is 9 ℃, which is the warmest and wettest place in Northeast China, known as "the south of the Yangtze River in the north".

Dandong is rich in geothermal resources, with 17 natural geothermal dew points. It is a famous spa resort in the north. Dandong's tourism resources cover an area of 1500 square kilometers, accounting for 10% of the city's land area. Within the territory of the river, lake, sea, mountain, spring, forest, island and other natural landscape development to form a national, provincial and above tourist attractions, nature reserves and forest parks 24.

9. Ledong small Sanya

Reason for Election: it is 18 degrees north latitude with Hawaii, and is not the same as Sanya sea water.

Ledong County, Hainan Province, is a county with back mountains and sea. Its annual average temperature is 23-25 ℃, with a coastline of more than 60 kilometers, which is not the same as Sanya's sea water, but the temperature is more comfortable than Sanya's, and the cost of living is very low. The average price of houses is about 3000 yuan.

Enjoy the elderly life in Ledong, the cost performance will be very high. As a county in Hainan Province, Ledong has a slow pace of life, but it has good medical conditions. Ledong County often provides active social activities for the elderly, such as doorball, waist drum performance, etc. there are also universities for the elderly, which provide more cultural exchange platforms for the elderly.

Jianfengling in Ledong County is a good place to live in seclusion. It is the largest and best preserved tropical virgin forest area in China. It is cool in midsummer with high content of negative oxygen ions in the air. With such unique advantages, it is no wonder that Ledong has become the first resort for health preservation.

8. Yichun -- Ecological Green City

Reasons for being elected: beautiful mountains and clear waters, sweet rivers and sweet springs, with the spirit of spring and salty seasons

Yichun city is located in the northwest of Jiangxi Province. It is mainly composed of hills and mountains. It has a mild climate, abundant rainfall, four distinct seasons and an annual average temperature of 17.3 ℃. Yichun is named after "cold summer and warm winter, beautiful as spring, pleasant drinking".

Yichun is one of the first batch of ecological pilot cities in China. All the seven main rivers in Yichun can be directly imported. The air quality of 10 counties and urban areas has reached the national standard. There are 54 famous mountains, 4 national forest parks, 3 provincial forest parks, 2 provincial nature reserves and 2 provincial scenic spots in the city.

SANZHAOLUN National Forest Park is known as the "fairyland on earth"; Mingyue Mountain scenic spot "is not Huangshan, better than Huangshan", growing the world's only rare tree species, huamulian; Wentang Town, the suburb of Yichun City, has a hot spring comparable to the French Exxon mineral spring, rich in selenium and other minerals, with the annual water temperature above 68 ℃, which is a resort for recuperation and vacation.

7. Yangzhou -- gentle and leisurely

Reasons for Election: fresh air, elegant diet, leisure life

Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, is an ancient city with a strong cultural heritage. It is located in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The Beijing Hangzhou canal passes through the city, which has been a place of outstanding people since ancient times. Yangzhou people pay great attention to the way of eating and drinking. Huaiyang cuisine, one of the four major cuisines, is the essence of Yangzhou's food culture for thousands of years.

Yangzhou, as the seventh Chinese city to win the UN Habitat Award, is led by "thin West Lake". There are six natural oxygen bars in the city. The content of negative oxygen ions has reached the standards of seaside and forest. In Yangzhou, as long as the window is opened, fresh water is coming; as soon as the door is opened, it is the gentle and graceful Jiangnan Water Town.

"No carbon exercise in the morning, leisurely shopping in the evening, no traffic jam when going out, good scenery on the street, and delicious food everywhere" is a true portrayal of Yangzhou people's daily life. Now, this has attracted more and more old people to spend their holidays here.

6. Zhoushan sea garden

Reasons for Election: rich island customs, profound marine Buddhist culture

Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province is the largest archipelago in China. Now, Zhoushan has become a famous island city at home and abroad. The annual average temperature of Zhoushan Islands is about 16 ℃, which belongs to subtropical monsoon climate. There are many islands in Zhoushan. 1390 islands are like bright pearls scattered on the sea surface of the East China Sea, forming the magnificent scenery of "city of thousands of islands".

The unique scenery of the island endows it with infinite charm. The blue sky, blue sea, green island, Jinsha and white waves become the main colors of Zhoushan's eco-tourism environment. Zhoushan has a pleasant climate and is most suitable for human habitation. People living in Zhoushan are very leisurely, even a little casual, but the cultural atmosphere is very strong, no matter men, women, old and young, they all know how to live.

Zhoushan has a lot of Buddhist cultural landscape, mountain and sea natural landscape and island fishing custom landscape. So when you come to Zhoushan, you can enjoy the island customs, deeply understand the marine Buddhist culture, fully experience the seaside leisure and vacation, and personally explore the mysterious martial arts legends.

5. Dali -- paradise

Reasons for Election: Cangshan river flows through the ancient city, and flowers bloom in the courtyard for four seasons

In many ways, Dali in Yunnan is very similar to Switzerland. The same climate, the same altitude of 1960 meters, the same topography near the mountains and rivers, the same clear inland lake, the same majestic mountains in front of us. Dali city is located in the low latitude plateau type subtropical climate zone, with an annual average temperature of 15.1 ℃. Due to the regulation of Erhai Lake on the temperature, it has the climate characteristics of no severe cold in winter, no intense heat in summer, small annual temperature difference and large daily temperature difference.

Compared with other cities in China, Dali has cleaner air, brighter sunshine, more simple folk customs and more leisurely pace of life. The layout of buildings in Dali city is chessboard style, with 5 streets from south to North and 8 lanes from east to west. The pavement is made of bluestone. The Bai People's houses at the top of Qingwa slope in the city are all over the streets and alleys, with flowing water and flowers. Cangshan stream flows through the ancient city and into Erhai Lake. Dali people love flowers and raise them. Flowers bloom in the courtyard all the year round. When the morning flower festival comes in February of the lunar calendar, flowers are placed in front of every house, forming a sea of flowers.

4. Longyan -- beautiful mountain

Reasons for Election: Shanmei, Shuili, louqi, Dongshen

Longyan City in Fujian Province, commonly known as "West Fujian", is one of the main birthplaces and settlements of Hakkas. It is also a famous old revolutionary base area and a famous "hometown of the Red Army" and "hometown of the general" in China.

Since ancient times, Longyan has been beautiful because of its beautiful mountains (crown mountain, National Natural Heritage), and it is beautiful because of its water and its beauty (nine Peng Xi, a 4A class tourist area of the country). Because of its * Qi Lou (Fujian Tu Lou), it is God of the cave (the Dragon 4A hole of the National Tourism Zone). Among them, Tulou is known as the unique mythical residential building in the world with its unique shape, huge momentum, moisture-proof and earthquake resistance, and Yongding Tulou group is also a world cultural heritage.

Yongding Hakka Earth Building as the representative of the Hakka Tourism Theme scenic spot, the theme park of green eco-tourism with the focus of Guan * Shan and the red tourism theme scenic spot with the core of Gutian Convention as the core is the representative tourist attraction. Longyan City has a subtropical marine monsoon climate with an average temperature of 18.7 ℃ - 21.0 ℃. Longyan is 142 kilometers away from Xiamen, with convenient transportation.

3. Dujiangyan -- the source of Tianfu

Reasons for Election: good ecology, good water quality and long life expectancy

Sichuan is known as the land of abundance. Dujiangyan is the source of Sichuan's life. The average temperature of the coldest month and the hottest month in Dujiangyan City is 4.6 ℃ and 24.4 ℃ respectively. The drinking water source is from the forest land with lush vegetation. The water source contains a variety of minerals beneficial to human body. The average life expectancy is 77.1 years, 5.7 years higher than that of the whole country. It has won the reputation of "natural oxygen bar" and "longevity town".

The city is located in the west of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, 48 kilometers away from Chengdu. Dujiangyan City has a beautiful legend of "worship water, Dujiangyan, ask for Qingcheng Mountain". After more than 2000 years of wind and rain, Dujiangyan still plays a huge role. The ancient weir without dam can be called a harmonious unity of human and nature.

Qingcheng Mountain in the west is one of the birthplaces of Taoism, known as "the world is quiet in Qingcheng". At present, the whole Qingcheng Mountain Dujiangyan scenic spot has been listed in the world heritage list by the United Nations. Longchi Hongkou nature reserve is 24 kilometers away from Dujiangyan scenic area, which is a National Forest Park and biodiversity reserve.

2. Weihai -- elegant and exquisite

Reasons for Election: surrounded by the sea on three sides, mild climate, beautiful scenery and numerous historic sites

Weihai, a beautiful coastal garden city, is one of the most livable cities in China because of its quiet and tidy city appearance. Weihai is located in the east end of Shandong Peninsula, surrounded by the sea on three sides, with unique natural scenery and rich natural and cultural landscapes such as' sea, mountain, island, spring, ancient and popular ', making Weihai a famous tourist destination.

Weihai has the characteristics of marine climate, with an annual average temperature of 12.7 ℃, and the air quality has reached the national first-class standard for nearly half of the time every year. It is not dry or wet all the year round. The city has national 4A scenic spot Liugong Island, Beiyang Navy ruins and other tourist scenic spots. Weihai has developed sea, land and air transportation and high medical level. The number of medical staff per thousand people is close to that of developed countries. There are more than 100 health institutions in the city.

1. Dongxing -- the hometown of longevity

Reasons for Election: centenarians account for 10.34% of the total population, and there are rare clean land and sea areas without pollution

Dongxing City of Guangxi is located in the southwest of China's mainland coastline, bordering on Vietnam in the West. It is a coastal port city. Dongxing is connected with Vietnam's mountains and rivers, and connected by land and sea. Dongxing has two national 4A level scenic spots and many national A-level scenic spots. It is the best eco-tourism city in China with the famous brand of "going up and down the mountain and going abroad".

The local centenarians account for 10.34% of the total population. They are called "longevity town" like Bama. The local air quality rate is up to 100%, which is a rare pure land sea area free from pollution, rich in all kinds of natural high-quality seafood. The city belongs to the south subtropical monsoon area, with a mild climate throughout the four seasons and an average temperature of 22.4 & deg; C. The annual average number of thunderstorm days is 108 days. It is a famous longevity city in the province (the annual average thunderstorm days in Bama, the hometown of longevity, are 85 days, most of which are one of the important factors for longevity of local people).