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How to set up wechat video? How does wechat video look beautiful

speaking of wechat, wechat is widely used now. Usually, we don't have beautiful face when we use wechat video. How to set up wechat video? How beautiful is wechat video? Come and have a look. How to set up wechat video?

1. First, open wechat, and select the friends you want to video chat with.

2. Click 'video chat'.

3. Then wait for the other party to connect to the video.

4. The picture in the upper right corner of the screen shows that the video connection is successful, and you can chat with the video.

How beautiful is wechat video?

1. Wechat is a chat software of Tencent, which has not yet launched the video beauty function, but we can work hard on our own mobile phones

2. First, turn on the camera of your mobile phone

3. Turn the camera to the front camera after opening it

4. Click the little star in the upper left corner of the screen, which is the beauty function

5. Open the beautifying function and click Start beautifying