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How to clean the washing machine when it is dirty? Washing skill sharing of washing machine

The appearance of washing machine liberates our hands. With the improvement of quality of life, more high-grade washing machines have appeared. But washing machine must be cleaned after a period of time. How to clean the washing machine?

1. Prepare cleaning supplies

Roller washing machine doesn't want wave wheel washing machine. As long as the washing machine has dirt, it's hard to remove. General washing powder has no killing power to it. At this time, we need to buy special cleaning agent. In fact, it's better to have white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide at home, which can save money.

2. Add cleaning agent

We put the prepared detergent into the detergent adding tank of the washing machine. What we should pay attention to here is that when pouring the detergent, we should hang the drain pipe at the same time, otherwise it will be poured out in vain.

3. Running the washing machine

We add about 1 / 2 warm water into the drum, turn on the power switch of the washing machine, press the self-contained cleaning button on the washing machine, or adjust the program to strong washing and start to run; after a few minutes, you will see that the detergent is evenly distributed in the drum, and then you need to turn off the washing machine.

4. Soaking and blowdown

Why do you want to turn off the washing machine? It is necessary to let the washing machine soak for 1-2 hours, so that the dirt can be removed at a time. After soaking, the water can be discharged, and the washing process can be completed in the normal way of washing and dehydration, and the detergent and inner cylinder stains can be discharged.

5. Rinse and wipe

Do you think it's ok? No, no, no, we need to use a clean cloth to wipe the water stains in the cylinder. It's better to use a small brush to clean the sealing groove, drain pump interface, filter screen, etc.

Don't be lazy when cleaning the washing machine. The longer the washing machine is used, the more stains there are in the body, which will not only affect the performance of the washing machine, but also make the clothes more dirty, and even produce a lot of bacteria harmful to health.