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Which behaviors will be blacklisted? What should I do on the blacklist of credit investigation

In the process of applying for loans, people will care about their own credit report, so which behaviors will be blacklisted? In modern society, credit is a very important thing. Because once there is a credit blacklist, it means that the loan cannot be approved.

What will be on the blacklist?

1. Overdue credit card

If you are overdue three times in a row, or if you are overdue more than six times in total, you may not be able to successfully run some businesses of banks and financial institutions in the future. In addition, some credit cards will have annual fees as long as they are opened. If they are not paid, it will lead to a negative information record. For this reason, you need to maintain a good credit history of 5 years after repayment to continue borrowing.

2. Student loan non repayment

Student loan is a welfare system to help poor students. There is no need to repay the loan when students go to school. After students graduate, they will repay the loan without interest. But if the loan is not repaid, it will leave a credit stain.

3. Guarantee for others

It is not a small matter to guarantee for others. If the object you guarantee is not paid, it may affect your credit situation. If it is a joint guarantee, you need to bear the responsibility of compensation. In other words, if the debtor fails to pay, you need to pay for him.

4. Borrowed by others with ID card

If someone else uses the ID card or the copy of ID card to borrow money, resulting in credit card arrears, it is necessary to contact the borrowing agency as soon as possible to explain the situation, so as to minimize the loss. When you lend your ID card, you'd better mark the copy of the relevant certificate for some purpose only.

5. Living expenses

Mobile phone arrears, water, electricity, gas fees do not pay, now will be linked to your personal credit. Focus on mobile phone arrears, many people simply choose to change a card after a large number of mobile card arrears, do not pay the arrears. This situation sometimes affects personal credit.

If it has been blacklisted, what should buyers do?

1. Accident affects credit investigation

Nowadays, lawbreakers steal and use other people's ID cards, handle all kinds of credit cards, and steal and brush them for profit. When receiving the bank's repayment expectation, we should first check whether it is really what we use. If it is not what we use, we can immediately put forward an objection application to the bank. Usually, within 15 working days, the bank will give a reply to eliminate our bad record information.

2. Forgetting to pay affects credit investigation

Generally speaking, as long as the overdue payment is made within three days, it will not affect the personal credit status. But there are often some emergencies that cause you to forget to pay off the overdue payment within the time limit. If it is within 20 days, inform the bank that the loan is not maliciously overdue, but has forgotten to repay. Many bank staff will reasonably eliminate the bad records or issue a non maliciously overdue certificate, so that our loan application will not be affected.

3. Develop good habits

We should prevent the trouble before it happens. We should never wait for the overdue time to save our credit. We should form good consumption habits in our life and strangle the matters affecting credit in the cradle. It's better to query personal credit report at least once a year, pay attention to your credit investigation, regularly monitor whether there is something affecting your personal credit, and timely rescue and make up.