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How does the unit pay annuity proportion calculate? Introduction to the formula of social security p

Enterprise retirement pension is the basic pension security for retired workers. The employees of the enterprise have worked hard for most of their lives, and the retirement age should be the time to enjoy their old age. So what is the proportion of pension paid by the unit? Social security pension formula introduction.

1. 'how to operate the social security pension insurance? How to get a lot from retirement'?

2. 'it's said that the pension paid in Shenzhen will suffer a loss when he retires back to his hometown in Hunan?'?

3. 'the proportion of pension paid to me by the enterprise is quite high. Do you get more when you retire'?

Before answering these questions and conclusions, I'd like to introduce two retirement social security pension accounts: one is individual account pension, the other is basic pension account. The calculation formula of the two accounts is as follows:

Formula for receiving social security pension:

Back to the question:

Question 1: how to operate the social security pension insurance? How much is it for retirement?

Looking at our social security pension account calculation formula, we can find out the factors that are directly proportional to the account pension, which means that we will get more. Obviously, at present, the higher the social average wage, the longer the payment time is, and the more individuals pay, the higher we get.

In addition, the longer we live, the more we will get. Because after we retire, we will start to collect from our personal account first. When the number of months of calculation and issuance is completed, the retirees will still survive and start to receive basic pension.

Question2: 'I heard that it's a loss for the old-age workers in Shenzhen to retire back to their hometown in Hunan?'?

Continue to return to our calculation formula of social security pension account. When our personal payment is fixed every month and the payment period is fixed, it is obvious that the average wage of local society is high, and the pension will be high. The social average wage in Shenzhen is obviously higher than that in Hunan, so we will suffer a certain loss when we go back to Hunan.

Question 3: the proportion of pension paid by the enterprise to me is quite high. Is it the more I get when I retire?

The pension that the enterprise unit pays for us has nothing to do with the proportion of our retirement.

Many people think that the enterprise pays according to the salary of each of us. In fact, the enterprise pays for all employees together based on the total salary level of the company multiplied by a corresponding rate. And this part of the money into the local basic pension co-ordination account, everyone retired according to the basic pension account public calculation of the basic pension part. And you can see from this formula that enterprises pay more or less for you. It's obvious that the more you pay, the more you are the average one and contribute to the society. Just like paying taxes, just because you pay more doesn't mean you enjoy more public services.

And this part of the money in the basic pension co-ordination account will not be accumulated like the individual account, but will be directly taken away by the retired now, which is called intergenerational support. We are now in the post-80s and post-90s, and the paid part is being collected by the retired post-40s and post-50s. And we depend on the future after 00 or 10. But now the aging population is becoming more and more serious. With the development of medical treatment, more and more people live longer, while the new population is not so many. As a result, we all know.

The basic co-ordination part is "robbing the rich to help the poor". If you want your elderly care to be more quality, you may as well plan to make the company pay less and use the extra money to supplement the personal commercial endowment insurance.

I hope that each of us will have a quality old age life

I hope that the above problems can help you understand the knowledge of social security and pension. Time will make an old man, and I wish every one of us a quality old life.