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What effect does deer embryo paste have? How much is a box of deer embryo paste

Deer embryo paste is a very suitable food for women to eat. When women eat it, they can beautify their skin, nourish their Qi and blood, so what's the effect of deer embryo paste? How to take deer embryo paste? Let's take a look at it!

How much is a box of deer embryo paste

Yile Yisheng deer embryo paste 10g * 6S reference price: ¥ 35.00

Longtan mountain deer embryo paste 5g * 12 pieces reference price: ¥ 32.00

Ginseng antler deer embryo paste 50g * 2 pieces reference price: ¥ 189.00

How to take deer embryo paste

1. Deer embryo paste should be taken once in the morning and evening, 20 minutes before or after meals. About 10 grams of deer embryo paste (6-15 grams, can be appropriately increased or decreased according to personal absorption), 4 pieces of deer embryo paste (125 grams each) in a cycle, a total of 500 grams, can be taken for 25 consecutive days;

2. Divide the deer embryo paste into small pieces or granules. When eating, the deer embryo paste can be divided into small pieces or small grains and served with warm yellow rice wine, warm boiled water or brown sugar water;

3. Turn the deer embryo paste into clothes. You can also use lukewarm yellow rice wine, lukewarm boiled water or brown sugar water to directly boil the deer embryo paste, or use microwave oven or stove to heat it to paste shape, and send it directly.

4. Chew deer embryo paste. It is suggested to chew and take it for better effect, and then use warm rice wine, warm boiled water or brown sugar water to take it.

Effect and function of deer embryo paste

Invigorating qi and benefiting blood

Deer embryo paste contains such nutrients as donkey hide gelatin, deer embryo and ripe ground. It has the effect of Invigorating Qi and benefiting blood. It has a good effect on the symptoms of deficiency of both qi and blood, pale complexion, weakness of limbs, and insufficiency of menstrual blood.

develop immunity from disease

Deer embryo cream contains red ginseng and angelica, which can protect pituitary adrenal sebaceous system from skill failure, enhance human immunity, anti infection, increase absorption of red blood cells and oxygen, smooth balance of autonomic nerves and hormones, improve cell activity, increase white blood cells, and enhance the ability to defeat virus.


Deer embryo paste contains many kinds of nutrition elements which can activate blood and tonify deficiency. Taking it for a long time can strengthen the constitution, eliminate fatigue, promote metabolism and improve the immunity of the body.

Beauty, beauty and skin care

Deer embryo paste is rich in amino acids, vitamins, calcium, iron, enzymes, zinc and other elements, which has the function of beauty and skin care. It has a good effect on preventing spot, fading spot, nourishing and beautifying.

Regulating meridians and dispersing cold

Deer embryo paste contains Leonurus and various vitamins, which can activate blood circulation and regulate menstruation, promote water and eliminate swelling, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, contract uterus, diuresis and stop bleeding. For menstrual pain, blood color is not right, menstrual extension, cold disease, difficult to conceive and so on have significant curative effect, especially for female infertility, dysmenorrhea and other problems have good curative effect, but also help women to strengthen body.

Improve sleep quality

Deer embryo paste has the function of nourishing blood and Qi, which can accelerate the blood circulation of human body, help sleep, recover fatigue and improve sleep quality.