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What's the matter with the refrigerator not cooling at home? Six reasons why refrigerators don't coo

There are always a variety of problems in refrigerators after they are used for a long time, and the most common problem is not to refrigerate. So what are the reasons for the refrigerator not to refrigerate? Today's editor will check the reasons that affect the refrigerator not to refrigerate.

The reason why the refrigerator doesn't cool

1. Most of the capillary outlets of double door refrigerators are advanced to the beginning of circulation in the freezer, that is to say, the refrigeration begins in the freezer -- after the completion of the freezer, if there is a lack of refrigerant, the first performance is that there is no refrigeration from the beginning of the freezer, if there is a further lack of refrigerant, the evaporator in the freezer can not frost completely. If there is a further shortage of refrigerant, the freezer will not be cooled.

2. The temperature controller of refrigerator is installed in the cold room. The temperature of the cold room does not reach the temperature required by the temperature controller, so it does not shut down. If the compressor does not shut down day and night, the refrigeration chamber may cause the refrigerant limit refrigeration temperature. Most of this phenomenon occurs in the air-cooled refrigerator, because the froster of the evaporator in the refrigerator is broken, resulting in ice jam. It can't be ruled out that the air cooling fan is broken, and too many items in the refrigerator will block the air outlet, causing poor cooling effect.

3. Due to sand holes, cracks, fractures and other reasons of condensation and anti exposure pipes, Bondi pipes and galvanized steel pipes (all low-carbon steel pipes) for condensers are not used for a long time, and they are rusted together with foaming agent until leakage or leakage. The strength of the leakage pipe wall is weak, which shows leakage under high temperature and high pressure. The leakage of high-pressure pipeline is repaired by refilling refrigerant. The refrigerant runs out again after 1-2 days of startup, but the leakage is very slow if the pipeline is not shut down.

4. No matter whether all or part of the freezer is frozen, it will cause the refrigerator not to refrigerate. The main cause of icing is the failure of temperature controller. Another is that the door of the refrigerator is not closed tightly, which causes a lot of external air to enter and produce a lot of ice cream.

5. The refrigerator is not a storage room. Don't put too much food in the refrigerator. If there is too much food stored in the refrigerator and the food is too close to the inner wall of the refrigerator, it will also cause the refrigerator to freeze in the refrigerator room or freezer, which will lead to the refrigerator not to refrigerate.

6. The defroster in the refrigerator is broken, and the ice in the refrigerator can't be cleaned out in time, which causes ice jam in the refrigerator, which will also cause the refrigerator not to refrigerate. At this time, replace the defroster of the refrigerator, clean the ice in the refrigerator, dredge the drain pipe of the refrigerator, and remove the ice block. Can solve the problem.