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What's the advantage of soaking in windbreak plaster? The function and effect of the waterproof gyps

The traditional Chinese medicine fangfenggypsum decoction has a history of thousands of years in China. What's the advantage of using windbreak gypsum to soak water? According to the health care medical books, Fangfeng gypsum soup is rich in nutrition, contains many medical ingredients, and has high medicinal value. Let's take stock of the function and effect of the waterproof plaster.

The function and function of gypsum:

1. Plaster is used to treat phlegm heat and asthma, and phlegm is like spring.

Gypsum can be used to treat phlegm, heat and asthma. One or two kinds of gypsum and one or two kinds of cold water stone can be used to grind them into fine powder. A proper amount of ginseng decoction can be used to mix Sanqian powder and take it after eating.

2. Plaster is used to cure dryness of bone, steam, lips, and thirst.

The function of plaster in treating dryness of bone, steam, lips and mouth can be used to boil one liter with two liters of water together with twenty big black plum. After removing the dregs, add some honey to adjust the dosage.

3. Plaster for stomachache and toothache.

The effect of plaster on stomachache and toothache can be treated by grinding with one or two fire calcined soft plaster as the end, adding five points of Fangfeng, five points of asarum, five points of Schizonepeta tenuifolia and five points of Angelica dahurica to grind again as the end, and wiping teeth with appropriate amount daily.

4. Plaster is used to treat the erosion of throat in laryngopathy.

The function of plaster in treating throat erosion can be taken by adding water and decocting with one or two plaster, Sanqian Zhimu, Wuqian Yuanshen, Yiqian licorice root and Sanqian smallpox powder.

Side effects, taboos and precautions of gypsum:

When using gypsum, you can use it alone, or with mulberry leaf, Cinnamon Twig, Angelica dahurica, Anemarrhena, pinellia, liquorice, bamboo leaf, Scrophularia, red cortex, red peony, fresh ground, isatis root, Achyranthes bidentata, ephedra, almond, Shengdan, phellodendron, indigo naturalis and other traditional Chinese medicines. People with deficiency of spleen and stomach and blood should not use gypsum; people with deficiency of yin and fever should not use gypsum; people with deficiency of Yang and great cold of gypsum are easy to hurt Yang Plaster is not suitable for people with extremely hot stomach.