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How to improve the ability of English listening and speaking

Oral English and listening are required for college entrance examination, and the score is very large. For most students in China, listening and speaking are relatively weak, but the written English test is very strong, so how to improve listening and speaking ability? Here are some tips to share!

1. If you don't hear clearly, listen again and again

If you want to hear well, you can't do without contact. So at the end of the early stage of every day, you should have 20-30 minutes to exercise your listening. When we train listening, it's normal for us to have something that we can't understand or hear clearly at the beginning. There's no need to put pressure on ourselves. We can listen again until we can hear every word.

2. Active participation in dialogue

Basically speaking Mandarin in our life, so we need to improve our oral ability. We need to speak English actively in our daily life. Don't be shy. We need to speak English loudly. We can also meet our classmates and friends for a few days and talk in English. At the beginning, we can add English in Mandarin and slowly turn the dialogue into the whole sentence in English.

3. Read the words correctly

Nowadays, students only pay attention to Pinyin and translation, but not to pronunciation, which is not helpful to our spoken English. So to practice the pronunciation, intonation and stress of spoken English, we should start with the pronunciation of words.