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How to choose dragon fruit? What are the functions and taboos of Pitaya

pitaya is a cultivated variety of opuntiaceae and callipers. It climbs on succulent shrubs and has air roots. Flowers can be used as vegetables, berries can be eaten, trade name 'dragon fruit'. How do we usually choose pitaya? What are the functions and taboos of Pitaya?

effect and function of pitaya fruit:

1. Detoxification and stomach protection

There is plant albumin in pitaya fruit, which has the properties of viscosity and colloid. It will automatically combine with heavy metal ions in human body and discharge out of the body through the excretion system, so as to play the role of detoxification. In addition, it has been found that the plant albumin in Pitaya can also protect the stomach wall from damage.

2. Whitening and weight loss

Pitaya is low in calories and rich in water-soluble fibers, which will expand to produce gelatinous substances and stay in the stomach for a long time, so as to extend the sense of fullness and have a good effect on weight loss. Huolongguo is rich in vitamin C, which has a good effect of nourishing and whitening.

3. Anti aging

Pitaya fruit contains high anthocyanin, which has a strong anti-aging effect, can remove free radicals, inhibit brain cell degeneration, and prevent Alzheimer's disease.

4. Prevention of anemia

There is mineral iron in the core of pitaya, and proper consumption can prevent iron deficiency anemia.

5. Cancer prevention

As mentioned above, the cellulose contained in Pitaya can relieve constipation and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, thus reducing cholesterol and preventing colorectal cancer.

Taboo of Pitaya:

1. People with diarrhea should not eat pitaya slightly cooler, and those with pale complexion, weak limbs, frequent diarrhea and other symptoms should not eat more.

2. Women should not eat too much pitaya if they eat less of them.

3. Don't eat pitaya when you come to your aunt. It's not suitable for women to eat pitaya during menstruation, so as to avoid dysmenorrhea.

4. People of these constitution should eat less qi stagnation constitution, phlegm dampness constitution and blood stasis constitution.

5. Pregnant women should be careful to eat pitaya rich in plant albumin, allergic constitution pregnant women should be careful to eat.

6. It's better not to eat pitaya with milk, so as not to affect digestion.

Extended data:

Purchasing skills of Pitaya:

1. Look at the color of the dragon fruit. The redder the surface of the pitaya, the better it ripens. The green part should be bright, otherwise it will be yellow, indicating that the Pitaya is not fresh.

2. Weigh the dragon fruit. When selecting the dragon fruit, we should weigh it more, pick up more and compare it, and pick up the heaviest and heaviest dragon fruit, which is juicy, full-bodied and delicious.

3. According to the shape of the dragon fruit. Choose chubby, shorter, not skinny and long, which is not sweet, watery and delicious.