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The latest 70 city housing price data shows that the continuous rise of housing prices is daunting

On February 22, according to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, in January 2019, the sales price of new commercial residential buildings in the first and second tier cities rose slightly on a month on month basis, while the sales price of second-hand residential buildings fell; the growth of third tier cities fell on a month on month basis. In the face of rising house prices, I think it's even more difficult to finish reading.

The experiment found that in the first tier cities, the price of new houses in Guangzhou rose 0.9% month on month, and the increase continued to lead. In addition, Beijing rose 0.6% month on month, Shanghai rose 0.1%, while Shenzhen fell 0.1% month on month. Second hand house prices fell across the board, with Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen down 0.1%, 0.3% and 0.3%, respectively. Shanghai was flat.

In addition, the prices of new houses and second-hand houses in Zhanjiang, Yueyang, Shenzhen and Quanzhou fell month on month.

In terms of new house prices, 58 cities in 70 large and medium-sized cities rose on a month on month basis, while 8 cities fell, with Dali leading the way with a 2% increase on a month on month basis.

In comparison, the price of second-hand houses is down more than that of other cities, with 17 cities in total. Zhanjiang saw the largest price drop, down 0.5% month on month.