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How to issue income certificate without unit? What are the alternative materials of income certifica

In life, many people are inseparable from loans. When they handle loans, they are often required to provide proof of income. In this case, friends without work units are worried. So, how to open the certificate of no unit income? Here, I will introduce the relevant content for you.

In fact, the function of income proof is to prove that everyone has a stable economic source and can make full repayment on time. Therefore, no unit's friends can provide other proof.

Alternative to proof of income:

1. For private business owners, they can provide their own business license for Industry and commerce, tax registration certificate, tax list, capital bank flow, etc;

2. For freelancers, they can provide their own personal property certificates, bank flow certificates for nearly six months, etc.

In general, you can prove that you have enough economic strength to repay in full and on time. However, the evidence provided by you must be true and effective, otherwise it will play a negative role.

In order to improve the loan success rate, Xiaobian suggested that friends without working units add collateral or add a loan guarantor.