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What are Hollywood blockbusters in 2019? 2019 is the node of Disney

The spring festival film has bid farewell to you. With the official release of Hollywood blockbuster "Alita", the 2019 blockbuster film has really started. What are the films worth watching in 2019? Let's go into the 2019 film world together.

It's a dream of karshen for more than ten years to bring "the dream of blunderbuss" to the big screen. Now that his dream has finally come true, karshen's transformation into "Alita: Battle angel" will surely satisfy the audience. This year's Hollywood movie, the strongest in recent years, especially Disney, is entering a node of opening and hanging. In the case of relatively poor domestic films, the overall share of imported films will undoubtedly increase.

Analysis of Sub Ledger sheet in 2019

Disney takes the lead

Note: part of the schedule is North American release time, which does not mean that the mainland will definitely introduce


In view of the horror of this year's Disney film list, it will also be the number one contributor to the overall market this year, so let's first look at this year's Disney film list.

Next in early March, Marvel's new work "Captain Marvel" will be released. At present, the word-of-mouth has begun to lift the ban, and it is the best in Marvel's history. Captain Marvel is Marvel's first heroine movie, which proves its position in marvel. From the current situation, to get a standard volume of marvel is the most basic goal.

There are too many weapons in Disney's hands, and IP hoarding is a crushing gesture. The adaptation of classic fairy tales is undoubtedly one of the advantages. The adaptation of the classic animated film "little flying elephant" is undoubtedly an important play this year, and the strong combination with Tim Burton will undoubtedly enhance the expectation of the film.

There is no suspense that revenge alliance 4 will occupy position C. For the top seed of the year, breaking the box office record is the only hope for it. Obviously, Avengers 4 will have a great chance. In terms of global box office, let's see if it can challenge the dusty historical record of avatar.

Aladdin, another film adapted from the world's classic animation, according to Disney's consistent style, it's too hard to smash. From sleeping charm, Cinderella to beauty and beast, the quality control is very stable. Even if Disney can do the best in this kind of adaptation, there will be a good market.

After entering the summer vacation, it is another time for Disney to dominate. The first blockbuster is the phenomenal work - "Toy Story 4". As the first animated film in history to break through $1 billion, the series of "Toy Story" can be called a masterpiece. It has a very high popularity and reputation in the world, including the content. This time, it is bound to have a high-quality market performance in the mainland.

Another phenomenal work, the real adaptation of the lion king, is that Disney just has a king bomb in his hand, which can't afford to throw at anyone else. "Lion King" is praised as the box office champion of North America in 2019 by many people, which will set off a wave of feelings and movie watching frenzy. And its mainland performance is at least an enhanced version of "fantastic forest".

After the end of the year, the sequel of ice and snow, which is recorded by the box office of today's global animation film, came to the stage. No one has ever challenged the previous $1.277 billion global film. And the great blessing brought by the previous works will undoubtedly be realized in "ice and snow 2".

As the first IP in North America, Star Wars 9, which ended in December, is almost the representative of the United States. But at the mainland market level, the trend of this IP in the mainland has been sluggish all the way, and even the volume of external transmission has dropped to 100 million.

After watching Disney's films, other producers were desperate, so no one in the lineup could hold up. According to the data, Disney is expected to contribute 8 billion box office receipts in the mainland this year, with opportunities to break new records in North America and the world.


Although there is a big gap with Disney, there is a chance to take the second place in the box office this year. After five years, burp came on the stage again. Next week's "dragon trainer 3" has a stable bottom. At that time, "master of dragon training 2" has reached the level of 400 million +, this time there will be a wave of easy rise.

Three years ago, the "pet secrets" became the annual black horse, with an amazing achievement of 875 million US dollars in the world. The contribution of the mainland market was stable, and lighting animation made another burst after Xiaohuang. This sequel is still in the summer archives, there will be a good harvest.

Obviously, Universal's play is undoubtedly "speed and passion: special action". Although it's an outside story, the appeal of Suji is really amazing. In terms of the environment in the mainland, it is a basic operation to get the 2 billion scale. But the risk is, in the middle of the month of protection, how should such a dense Sub Ledger be placed?

Warner chapter

This year, Warner has only one DC movie - "thunder shazan". The change of style from comedy to comedy, obviously, the enhancement of entertainment in "king of the sea" brings a positive side, and also provides a direction for the fight against marvel. Whether it is to consolidate this achievement, or whether it is DC's routine, depends on the next performance.

"Big detective picassu" is very popular. It makes picassu, the top IP image in Japan, a real person. Hollywood always has a lot of strange ideas. As the originator of adoration, picassu's popularity accumulation over the past decades is still not out of date, and even the film was released by IMDB with a $1.2 billion 'anti-aircraft gun'.

Godzilla 2 is undoubtedly one of the expectations of the 2019 film list. Warner's legendary monster universe will continue to move forward, and there is a good chance to reach a billion plus account. After the great success of King Kong: Skull Island, Warner must have found his way. I'm sure that he will have a good performance next.

Forth chapter

"Alita" has begun to be released. As the dream of karshen for nearly 20 years, it has finally been put on the big screen. Although karshen has retreated to the second tier, it still has many points of view and is also the responsibility in the current market. "Alita" will eat for two weeks and get a perfect schedule.

"X-Men: black phoenix" opened the road of r-level, and it is also the first r-level attempt of X-Men series. After the success of "Wolverine 3" and "dead man", we must believe that r-level is a good way to interpret superheroes. In view of such a change, its market performance may be somewhat smaller than before.


The restart of Spiderman has a very good performance. After returning to marvel, the little spider is like a fish in water. "Spider Man 2" is also taking advantage of the hot iron, breaking into this year's summer archives, obviously will have a very good performance. In particular, it is the first Marvel after Avengers 4, so it is bound to have many points of view.

Quentin 's new work can be called a luxury lineup, "the past of Hollywood" has been finalized by SONY, officially entered the summer file. Given Quentin's style and scale, the film may not be too broad at the audience level, but it is undoubtedly a high-profile work in 2019.

For paramount, there are no major films released in 2019.

Share of imported films hit 30 billion

Hollywood blockbusters have made great contributions

In 2018, the proportion of imported films was only 37.8%, a new low after 2015. Last year, domestic films appeared frequently, as well as the relative downturn in Hollywood. This year, Hollywood movies are showing a blowout situation, which is bound to have a strong rebound.

From today's release of "Alita" to the end of the year of "Star Wars 9", almost all the way to enter the attack state. It can be clearly seen that this year's Hollywood blockbusters have a significant improvement in quantity and volume compared with last year, especially the quality of the presentation of the summer archives, which is totally a frenetic situation.

Although the mainland film market has just started this year, judging from the annual film list, the fate of the Spring Festival archive is almost the fate of the whole year. In the case of insufficient quantity and volume, it is difficult to get rid of the decline of domestic films. And the introduction of films and films has undoubtedly become a new growth point. If we want to make a new high on the basis of last year's 61 billion, the contribution of the introduction of films, especially Hollywood's Sub Ledger, is crucial.