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How to judge whether there are mites on the face? Methods of eliminating mites on skin

Rosacea nose! Folliculitis! These skin problems, really make people collapse! There is a net post that says, as long as your skin appears rough peeling, facial itching, rough pores, alar oil seepage and other problems, then your face is likely to have infected with mites! Let's talk about the specific harm of mites to the skin and how to remove mites to the face.

People with mites on their faces, none of these signs will fall

【1】 Occasionally itching on the face at night

Night is the active time of mites. Groups of mites constantly tear holes under the pores, which will cause slight itching and make people feel as if there are insects crawling on their faces, but there is nothing at a glance.

【2】 It's a lot bigger

At a young age, the pores are much larger, which is also a manifestation of mites on the face. Mites come in and out of the pores, and after a period of time they can squeeze the pores loose.

【3】 Fast greasy skin

If the face is greasy soon after washing, pay attention to whether there is mite. Mite secretion can stimulate the sebaceous glands in the pores to secrete a large number of oil stains, which often makes the face appear very greasy.

【4】 No improvement in blackheads and pimples

Not all blackheads and pimples are caused by mites, but if these blackheads and pimples are not good repeatedly, in addition to being long, it should be considered that there are many mites on the face.

If there are mites, we need to consider the problem of eliminating mites. Here, we need to give you some good natural methods to eliminate mites.

【1】 Reasonable diet, reduce fat

Try to eat less food with too much oil and rich oil and spicy and irritant food; eat more light food such as coarse grain, fruits and vegetables, bean products, kelp, etc., effectively reduce the oil secretion of skin and reduce the suitable living environment of mites.

【2】 Xuan natural sea salt soap, clean face and remove mites

The direct removal of mites should start from facial cleaning, and the natural sea salt soap of Xuanxuan can be used to wash the face. This natural sea salt is especially effective in removing mites. It is the natural enemy of mites. It can quietly and innocuously kill mites and bacteria in the deep pores, purify the pores, balance the oil control, soften the horniness, eliminate acne and blackheads, and also help to improve the skin defense and inhibit mites.

【3】 Keep pillows clean

Be sure to keep the pillow clean. For example, when summer comes, there are many sweat stains and oil stains on the pillow. It's easy to provoke mites if you don't wash them. Take one day of the week to disinfect the pillows thoroughly (scald them with hot water) and clean them. In this way, you can make your face live in a clean environment.