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What about mobile phone without NFC function? Can I join NFC later

The bus is about to popularize mobile payment, and the mobile phone factory is not equipped with NFC, which is also a headache! What if your mobile phone does not have NFC function when you buy it? Can you make up for it later?

Can I add NFC function to the mobile phone when it leaves the factory

Nowadays, most mobile phones have NFC functions to facilitate our life. For example, when we go out and swipe our cards, we can swipe our cards by taking the bus, etc. through the NFC on our mobile phones. But some mobile phones don't have this function. The reason is very simple. In the eyes of developers, this skill is not very useful.

When the phone leaves the factory, is there no NFC function that can be added later? The answer must be No. The hardware of mobile phone has corresponding configuration. If your mobile phone does not have NFC function at the time of delivery, that is to say, there is no NFC corresponding accessories. In this case, it is impossible for you to add NFC function to your mobile phone later, because the mobile phone does not support it.

If you want to use this function, you can use the matching bracelet to supplement it. Now although some mobile phones don't have NFC function, they have all on the bracelet. After pairing with the mobile phone, you can use the bracelet to make up for this deficiency. There is no other good way.

Since NFC has only become popular in the past two years, previous mobile phones may not have this function. If you want to use it, you may need to pair your bracelet or change your mobile phone.