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Is Alipay's pension reliable? Is Alipay pension worth buying?

Is it worth paying for endowment insurance every month? How much can I get after retirement? If the same money goes to Alipay's life pension, can I get more pension every month? Is Alipay's pension reliable? Is Alipay pension worth buying? Xiaobian brings you to understand.

Is the lifetime pension on Alipay worth buying?

(if you don't want to see the analysis, you can turn to the end of the article to see the conclusion.)

Let's first look at the product interface:

1 yuan purchase is very 'Alipay', and the low threshold strategy of balance treasure is reproduced.

Pay attention to the "insurance notice" at the bottom of the page, so this is a no compromise pension insurance. Compared with other pension insurance, low threshold is a major feature.

Whether this endowment insurance is worth buying, let's first look at the most intuitive and the most concerned measurement index:


According to the product description, the money you can collect can be divided into two parts:

Pension and dividend, in which the pension is fixed and dividend is not fixed, divided into high school and low three.

Here's a chestnut:

Let's take the data from the screenshot above as an example:

If a 28 year old girl spends 200 yuan to buy this pension product, assume to live to 80 years old, and the product according to the middle income dividend.

(with the urination of the insurance company, the mid-range dividend is very good... Well, what's the truth)

According to the instructions, from the age of 55, we will receive 16.4 yuan every year, and then we will receive 551.99 yuan of dividends once again at the age of 80.

Take IRR to calculate the annualized yield:

In other words, the annual yield of this product is almost: 3.56%

(IRR is actually quite simple. In Excel, there is a column of year, a column of annual revenue and expenditure, a column of negative expenditure, a column of positive income, and then a column of = IRR publicity. If not, share this article, send the background screenshot to me, and I will teach you by hand, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.)

This income, how to say, is less than the income of the Monetary Fund. As for beating inflation, don't think about it.

How is it? Are you holding down the ready to move?

For example, if you live to 80 years old, if you live longer than 80 years old, you will get more money, and the yield must be higher than 3.56%.

If you don't live to be over 80 years old, the rate of return will be lower. Unfortunately, if you die before the claim date (female 55, male 60), the female doesn't live to be 55 years old, and the male doesn't live to be 60 years old, the page also states:

100% refund of premium paid

Note that it's just a refund of premium. There's no interest for a dime

There are three elements of investment, namely, yield, liquidity and safety (we'll talk about the relationship later). Yield has just been said. If liquidity, 30-year-old people buy this product, they have to wait at least 20 years to start getting money. If they want to use money, it's also troublesome. Liquidity can be said that it's not good

There is a security left. As I said before, Alipay's life pension is actually the Chinese insurance pension insurance. The insurance company will not easily go bankrupt. Plus the Chinese PICC is also a large company in the insurance company. The possibility of run away is almost 0.

Having said so much, I feel that this product is still pretty chicken ribs:

The yield is low, about 3.5%, and even the base can't win;

Poor liquidity, young people save, it will take decades to start to get money;

The only consolation is safety. I'm sure I won't run.

It can be seen that this product is not so suitable for us young people. Is it useless?

Not really. For some people, there are still some values:

One is the person who can't save money. Buying this is equivalent to compulsory saving. For example, someone suddenly wins 5 million in the lottery. In order to prevent himself from wasting all his money, he can buy a few hundred million and put them there to ensure his future pension money and avoid spending all his money on the streets;

One is elderly people. If their children are not filial, they are not good at financial management. They can also buy a pension (before the age of 54 for women, before the age of 59 for men). On the one hand, they avoid their money and are cheated by their filial children. On the other hand, they can avoid financial fraud and get nothing. I'm old. I can get some money every month. I feel safe.

As for our young people in their twenties and thirties, it's better to study investment and wealth management and do some asset allocation.