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What's the White Valentine's day this year? White Valentine's Day is a day for women to give back

Which day is the White Valentine's day in 2019? Do you know? There are 14 Valentine's days in 2019, are you shocked? In fact, what we really have is the Valentine's day on February 14 in the west, in addition to the Tanabata Festival, but there is also a well-known white valentine's Day. So what's the origin of White Valentine's day? White Valentine's Day is a festival given back by women.

This year's White Valentine's Day is March 14, 2019, and the lunar calendar is February 8, 2019.

Every year, March 14 is white day, which is said to have originated in Rome in the third century, and later spread to other countries. Now it is generally believed that Japan was the first country to promote and carry forward this festival. In addition to the legendary saying that "originated in ancient Rome", a more convincing statement about the origin of White Valentine's Day refers to that it originated from Japanese folk and was a festival created by merchants at that time to promote sales.

White Valentine's Day is also called "back Valentine's Day". It means that when you receive a gift on Valentine's day, you will give it back on March 14 a month later. Of course, it's only to give back to the person you want to. White Valentine's Day is soft and beautiful. Mainly moved. Valentine's day on February 14 is a time of passion.

Source of White Valentine's Day

White Valentine's day, or white day, originated from a Japanese Folklore: Valentine Day was originally a day when girls appealed to boys. Girls sent chocolate to boys on Valentine's day.

In Japan, it is still the world of male chauvinism. On February 14, most girls send gifts to show their love to their sweethearts. If the man also intends to do so, he will return gifts on March 14 to show that they are close to each other. But in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places, the distinction between men and women is not so obvious. On March 14, a lover's gift will be sent back to each other, which means that they have already been close to each other.

Now, 'White Valentine's Day' is very popular in Japan, Taiwan and other places. In Japan, if one party receives the Valentine's gift from the opposite sex on February 14 to express his love, and has the same feeling or affection for the other party, he will send back a Valentine's gift on March 14, which means that this year, they have already been close to each other.

What flowers do you send for White Valentine's Day

Since it's White Valentine's day, many people will choose to present white roses.

White Valentine's day to send white roses to express the meaning is' you are the holy representative of pure love; flower language: our love is pure. In addition, the flower language of white rose also has the implication of innocence, purity, respect and humility. Sending white rose on Valentine's day represents that you are my only one.

33 white roses, this bunch of flowers has plenty of association space, giving each other infinite love. Its flower language is: if there is no equal love, let me love more.