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What does Koi network mean? The most popular new words in 2018

Now people's thinking is very active, network new words are also emerging in endlessly, very popular with everyone, usually with friends is also very interesting! So what's the meaning of these network terms? What are the hottest new words on the Internet in 2018? What does Koi network mean? Get to know the hottest new words in 2018.

1. Confirmed eyes

From the song "drunk Red Cliff" in a lyrics' confirmed eyes, I met the right person '. It was new year's Eve in 2018 that the word became popular as an Internet term. A netizen posted a picture of "make complaints about your eyes, you are Cantonese", so that Tun Tong's new year's red envelopes are very small, causing netizens to discuss the amount of red envelopes around the world, thus making the language burst red network.

2. Gangjing

Refers to the person who makes the best use of the bar. This kind of people take it as their own duty to make advances, often do not pay attention to the objective facts, and often oppose for the sake of opposition, no matter what others say is right or wrong, and continue to refute.

3. Koi

Koi, this is a high-grade ornamental fish. During the 2018 national day, Alipay official micro-blog launched the "China Koi" relay lottery, the winner is "China Koi", triggering the crazy forwarding of netizens. As a result, the word "Koi" became popular and became a symbol of "good luck", implying people's yearning for a better life.

4. Official propaganda

In October 2018, the two stars used the word 'official announcement' when they announced their wedding news on Weibo. Because of the large number of fans, the use of the word is highly concerned and widely used. "Official announcement" literally means "official announcement". Now it generally refers to the official announcement of a person or an organization to express the meaning of advertisement.


Originally referring to the sound of car tire friction, it quickly became popular with the frequent use of a pop singer in a variety show, and was imitated and spread by netizens. When encountering something recognized, SKR will be used to express admiration and praise.

6. Buddhist system

The earliest "Buddhist man" introduced by a Japanese magazine refers to a man who loves to be alone, focuses on his own interests and doesn't want to spend time with the opposite sex. After the popularity of social platforms in China, the term generally refers to people who do not fight or win, expressing a life attitude of living in their own way, and deriving a series of words such as' Buddhist Youth 'and' Buddhist Women '.

7. Bit C

"C" is the abbreviation of the English word center, which means center and center. 'C' generally refers to the center of the stage or the artist's position in the middle of the poster, which is later extended to the most important and most concerned position in various occasions.

8, local love words

It refers to those love words that sound boring, rustic and humorous, and often use turning and exaggerating expressions. For example, my love for you is like a tractor going up the mountain.

9. Leather.

The word originated from dialect, became popular in game commentary, and was widely used in social networks by netizens. "Pi" means mischievous and naughty in dialect. 'skin one' is used for Tucao, the other is very naughty, not playing the cards according to the common sense, and is often used in micro-blog make complaints about the reverse.

10. Burn my calories

This is a lyric of the song "calories". Because of its unique melody and lyrics, this song has become a popular song for square dance and gym.

Most of the network language is humorous and distinctive, which is one of the representative characteristics of the Internet language life style. They come from a variety of sources, either intentionally designed for netizens or unintentionally made.