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226 deaths caused by influenza in Hong Kong

The winter is the peak period of influenza. Recently, Hong Kong also suffered from influenza. As of yesterday, 226 people had died of influenza infection, according to the Hong Kong Department of health. This figure is really amazing, so how to prevent influenza in daily life?

Hong Kong's winter Rush has not passed, and there has been a small upsurge in recent days, the Hong Kong Economic Daily reported Tuesday. According to figures from the Hong Kong Centre for health protection, there were 12 new cases of adult severe influenza in Hong Kong on the 19th, and another 9 people died of influenza. As of yesterday, the Hong Kong Department of health has recorded 416 cases of severe influenza and 226 deaths. Almost all of the serious cases were infected with influenza A, and about 75% of the deaths were among the elderly.

It is reported that influenza outbreaks in Hong Kong are more frequent in schools. As schools began to open after the Spring Festival, there was widespread concern that the epidemic would break out again.

The Hong Kong Centre for Protection said there had been nine outbreaks of influenza in kindergartens or kindergartens since the general resumption of classes on the 18th. In response, the Hong Kong Department of Health launched the 'school outreach vaccination pilot plan' in this academic year. From this year to Sunday (17th), 402 primary schools have been arranged to receive influenza vaccine in outreach, an increase of 65 over the previous academic year, and the primary school vaccination rate has reached 55.3%. In 2018-2019, children aged 6 months to less than 12 years also received about 371000 doses of vaccine under the plan, an increase of 118.4% year-on-year.

How to prevent influenza in daily life?

First, pay attention to personal exercise

Reasonable arrangement of some physical exercises, such as walking, running, climbing, playing ball, practicing Taijiquan, doing Zhonghua Tongluo exercise, etc., can enhance the physique and improve the body's ability to resist the virus.

Second, pay attention to full rest

People's rest and sleep conditions will directly affect the level of resistance, so any activity should be enough, keep enough sleep, try not to stay up late, when you feel tired, you should timely arrange rest, keep energetic to be able to resist external evils.

Third, pay attention to daily diet

Reasonable diet can also improve their own immunity. A diet with less meat, more vegetables, too much calories and too much fat is very harmful to the human body, which will reduce the digestive system function, reduce the body's anti-virus ability, and let the influenza virus take advantage of the situation. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the diet reasonably, match the various nutrients such as protein, sugar, fat, minerals, vitamins and so on, which are helpful to strengthen the physique, and supplement some foods rich in vitamin C, because vitamin C is helpful to improve the immunity. Eat regularly. Don't overeat. In addition, we should pay attention to drinking more water, because it is more likely to cause virus attack after the fire.

Fourth, pay attention to cold and warm

When the alternation of cold and warm is frequent, the human body will be vulnerable to the attack of influenza virus due to its inability to adapt to the drastic changes of cold and warm. So people need to change their clothes according to the temperature. In the early spring season, it is cold in the morning and evening, and special attention should be paid to it, such as adding clothes in the morning and evening, changing the quilt when sleeping at night, etc. the indoor temperature during sleeping is suitable for 18 ℃ - 22 ℃. In addition, sunlight is not only conducive to indoor warmth, but also conducive to sterilization and disinfection. It should be fully utilized to ensure that the indoor is fully exposed to sunlight.

Fifth, pay attention to personal hygiene

Personal hygiene also plays a key role in the prevention of influenza. Influenza virus is easy to infect by touching the objects with virus on the surface of the hand and then touching the mouth and nose. Experts say that about half of the influenza cases are caused by touching the hands, so it is very important to wash hands frequently and keep the hand clean. At ordinary times, you should try to avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose with your hands. In addition, when washing your hands, don't simply flush under the faucet, but wash them carefully with soap for as long as possible. The other is to pay attention to wearing masks when going out. Although wearing masks can not completely block the virus, it is currently one of the best ways to reduce the spread of the virus, at least to let us breathe less of the airborne virus.

Sixth, pay attention to air circulation

Influenza virus is a kind of virus that spreads through the air, especially in the closed environment. Therefore, we should often open windows for ventilation, and pay attention to keep the indoor air circulation, so as to reduce the concentration of the virus in the room and reduce the chance of human contact with the virus. Usually, open air or air circulation places shall be selected as far as possible to avoid staying in closed environment and public places with less people. In the open air or the air circulation place, even if there are influenza patients around, the virus in the air will also drift with the wind, and the ultraviolet rays in the sun can also kill the virus well; the virus is more easily spread in the closed environment, so during the influenza epidemic, you should try to take fewer airplanes, air-conditioned trains or air-conditioned buses, and less go to big hotels or shopping malls with central air conditioning; Where people are crowded, the air is turbid, and there is a high probability and concentration of virus in the air. Therefore, for the sake of safety, it is better not to go to such places.

Seventh, pay attention to preventive medication

Preventive medicine can reduce the incidence of influenza during the influenza epidemic. The traditional Chinese medicine, such as Lianhuaqingwen capsule, has the functions of broad-spectrum anti-virus, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. The biggest feature is that it can enhance the immune function of human body, obviously improve the cellular immune function and humoral immune function of human body, and it is the first choice of Chinese patent medicine to prevent influenza.

Eighth, pay attention to influenza vaccination

It is one of the effective measures to form immune barrier in the key population. Experts suggest that elderly, infirm, chronic patients, medical staff and children aged 6 months to 3 years should be vaccinated every year. It takes about two weeks after vaccination for the body to produce antibodies, which can prevent influenza virus infection. It is worth mentioning that influenza vaccine is not once and for all, but needs to be vaccinated every year, because the vaccine formula is made on the basis of the prediction of the epidemic virus strains in that year, and the influenza virus strains change almost every year.