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Tiktok how to play video dubbing? Tiktok voice uploading video stepsTiktok: tiktok,

sometimes we are shooting in the open air, there are many noises, and the effect is not good. After we finish shooting, we need to dub the video. So how do we play the video dubbing? Tiktok and uploading video dubbing steps are introduced.

Method / step:

Turn on the jitter and click the plus sign at the bottom, tiktok.

Click 'upload', select a video from the album and click 'next'.

Click 'volume' at the top right.

First remove the original sound, that is, pull the original sound to the left, and click the tick to confirm.

After that, we'll choose 'choose music' above.

You can select a music after searching and click "confirm to use and start shooting".

Click 'cut music'.

Pull left and right on the music score below, cut the music you need, click the checkmark, continue to click 'next', then you can release it.