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How long does the newly decorated house last? Be careful of formaldehyde poisoning

Decoration is a major event. In the future, are all the owners and friends in a hurry to move in? In fact, the newly decorated house can't be moved in immediately, so it needs to be put aside for a period of time. How long can the newly decorated house be put in?

Generally, there are three kinds of common decoration pollution: formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC, among which formaldehyde is the most common one. These gases have a great impact on human health. Therefore, when you move in, you need to eliminate these three substances to the national standard before moving in. Generally, the basic treatment for this kind of pollution is ventilation, but originally, ventilation can only be in a certain process To reduce pollution.

How long can the newly decorated house stay

I believe that most of the newly decorated brothers will ask similar questions. If the ventilation is good, it will take less than 2-3 months. Why does it take so long to move in? Because there will be a lot of formaldehyde in the room after decoration, these toxic substances will harm human health, and simply form respiratory tract diseases, infertility, leukemia and other diseases. General demand for three months, but also to see the information used for decoration, if good information, can appropriately shorten a moment, because in the decoration process there are some harmful gases, such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, etc!

Formaldehyde is a colorless and harmful gas, which may cause cancer in the nose, mouth, throat, skin and digestive tract if touched for a long time. In the process of decoration, formaldehyde is found in the decoration materials such as board, furniture, wallpaper, carpet, paint, glue, etc. Normal people can stay in 2-3 months, so how long can pregnant mothers stay in the newly decorated house? How long can babies stay in the newly decorated house?

The later this is, the better, the less it will be more than three months, especially the first three months of pregnancy. The first three months are when the baby is restless. Toxic pollutants are not good for the body of adults and children. In the future, if there are not so many times, it is better to open the window every day, put some aloe, activated carbon and other things that simply absorb toxic gases. For pregnant people All aspects should pay attention to the fact that it often has an impact on the right and wrong of the fetus, so the newly decorated house should be entered as late as possible. How long can the baby stay in the newly decorated house? If the baby stays in the newly decorated house, it is better to put it in the next 6 months.