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What items do children need to be examined for physical examination? The necessity of physical exami

Every year in July and August, the children and parents who are going to kindergarten will begin to prepare for entering the kindergarten. For children, physical examination before entering the kindergarten is a very important thing, so what items should be checked for entering the kindergarten? Let's get to know.

Why do you need to have a physical examination before entering the park

The physical examination for children entering the kindergarten is carried out according to the measures for the administration of health care in kindergartens and kindergartens of the Ministry of health and the Ministry of education of the people's Republic of China and the norms for the work of health care in kindergartens and kindergartens.

For the sake of children's health and maintaining the safety and health environment of the kindergarten, physical examination must be carried out before entering the kindergarten. If a child care institution recruits children who have not undergone health examination or who have failed to pass the health examination, it shall be ordered by the administrative department of health to make corrections within a time limit and be criticized in a circular; if it fails to do so within the time limit, it shall be given a warning; if the circumstances are serious, it shall be given an administrative penalty by the administrative department of education according to law.

When is the physical examination done?

Generally, it is recommended that the physical examination of children be carried out within one month before going through the formalities of entering the kindergarten, so as to ensure that the kindergarten can get the latest data of physical examination results. If the child does it too early, it may need to be checked again.

Of course, it's not appropriate to go there in the first two days of going through the formalities, because there will be a lot of children who will be examined at that time. Many MCH hospitals or designated hospitals will be full, so it's better to have a staggered examination.

What are the physical examination items in the park?

1. Check the whole body: including general conditions, nervous system, body surface, superficial lymph nodes, head, facial features, limbs, heart and lung, thorax, back and abdomen and other basic items.

2. Check the growth and development, such as height, weight, chest circumference, etc.

3. Check other aspects, such as sight, color, hearing, smell, etc.

4. Carry out laboratory examination, including blood sampling to check liver function, chest fluoroscopy, etc.

5. History inquiry: family genetic diseases, records of past diseases and social history (such as parents' occupation, water source and sanitation of residence, and whether there is epidemic disease, etc.).

What are the precautions for physical examination in the park?

1. The child must not eat or drink less water in the morning of the physical examination day, not to mention drink or milk, so as not to affect the examination results; after taking blood, eat again. Parents can bring some milk bread to their children.

2. The physical examination time of each child will not be too long. Parents do not need to wait in the hospital too early to avoid increasing the waiting time or causing congestion.

3. Parents can bring some toys to deal with the phenomenon that some children do not cooperate with the physical examination; they can tell their children about the possible examination items one day in advance, including the items that will draw blood, so that the children can have a psychological preparation; at home, they can also let their children know the examination items to be done in advance through the game way of house crossing, and remind their children to cooperate with the doctor.

4. It is better to have a parent accompany the child during physical examination to avoid unnecessary crowding.

Does the unqualified physical examination affect the admission time?

The specific situation of this problem should be analyzed: for the health problems such as anemia and imbalance of trace elements found in physical examination, the teacher will give timely correction after entering the park, or instruct the parents to take the children to the hospital for treatment; for the children who fail to carry out preventive inoculation according to the prescribed procedures, remedial measures should be taken in time; Children with hepatitis, conjunctivitis, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases will not be admitted to the park temporarily. Only after the doctor has issued a certificate can they be admitted to the park, so as to ensure the health of other children. Children with a history of contact with acute infectious diseases will be suspended from entering the park, and only after the isolation period expires can they enter the park.

Finally, the kindergarten wishes all babies can pass the physical examination and enter the kindergarten smoothly!