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How to choose the memory card of dash cam? The memory card of dash cam is very important

It is the dash cam that plays an important role in driving safety and driving records. When there are disputes on some roads and parking lots, the dash cam will be an important tool to protect their rights and interests. The choice of memory card of dash cam should be more careful. These three points are the key to your choice.

At present, the function, clarity and night vision ability of the dash cam on the market are very powerful. Even in the dark night, it can guard your car. But maybe many people have neglected the importance of the quality of the memory card, or don't know how to choose this memory card as the last card, so I will tell you about the purchase skills on the writing requirements of the dash cam for the memory card and the characteristics of the memory card.

1. 24-hour continuous write, the life of storage particles must be strong

Now many dash recorders are shot 24 hours, which means that the memory card is always in the state of being written and erased. If the memory card with poor quality particles is used, the P / E erasure life of the particles will soon be exhausted, resulting in the problems of disk loss, crash, and loss of stored data, which will really die. Therefore, reliable storage particles are the most important first guarantee for the special memory card of dash cam

The high-quality memory card must adopt the original granule, because it plays a decisive role in the quality of the memory card. For example, Toshiba's own memory card adopts BICS flash architecture and uses 3D vertical stacking technology, which has more stacking capacity and higher reliability.

2. In order to save a longer period of time, the capacity of the memory card must be large enough

Since the capacity of the memory card is not infinite, the recorder will delete the video recording with relatively old time on the memory card after a full write, so as to make room to continue to write new video recording, so the date period that can be saved is also fixed, about 1-4 days. The larger the capacity of the memory card, the longer the storage period.

There are many kinds of memory cards on the market. It is recommended that you choose 128 or 256gb, which is large enough for the old driver to store videos for more than ten days. So if you want to save more worry and trouble and extend the storage period, you can give priority to the memory card with larger capacity, and the larger the memory card, the higher the performance and durability, one-time investment and long-term worry free.

3. The higher the resolution of the recorder, the higher the speed requirement of the memory card

The higher the definition, resolution and bit rate of the recorded video, the higher the video quality, but the higher the speed requirement of the memory card. If the reading and writing speed of the memory card can't keep up, the recorder will get stuck when recording video, and the recording fails.

Therefore, it is necessary to select a memory card with enough fast speed to make the HD recorder work smoothly. The high-quality memory card shall meet the speed level standard of U1 / C10 or above, with fast reading speed, which can meet the storage requirements of ultra-high definition travel recorder. In addition, the process of exporting video to your own computer can also be more high-speed and efficient, which is 2-3 times faster than the ordinary low-speed memory card, and the time for reading video is shorter.

Therefore, in order to make your car more secure and safe on the road or in the parking lot, in addition to the powerful driving recorder, you need to match a memory card with large capacity, excellent quality and fast reading and writing speed, which is the safest combination!