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How does nostril pore coarseness do? How to reduce the thick pores of nose

what if there are pores on the nose? How to reduce the pores on the nose? This is a problem that everyone will encounter. Once the nostril appears thick, we must try to reduce it. How to reduce it? Let's take a look at it.

How to narrow the pores of the nose

1. Deep cleansing: pay attention to adjust the oil-water balance. Use daily balancing oil secretion to clean up pores of make-up water and lotion. Weekly deep cleansing with exfoliating products, massage with massage cream. Massage and exfoliation should pay attention to the way, so as not to create a burden on the skin, which can solve the problem of large pores.

How to narrow the pores of the nose

2. Cold care after face washing: warm water can help to open pores. At this time, don't apply ice on your face. Wrap ice with towel, massage your face gently and repeat several times. It can make your skin converge.

3. Choose the right skin care products: if the pores are large, try to avoid using all kinds of airtight products to protect skin and avoid pore blockage. It is suggested that you choose the skin care products containing fruit acid, which can dissolve the cutin in the pore mouth and pore wall. It should be noted that the fruit acid skin care products have certain irritation, and sensitive skin should be used with caution.

How to narrow the pores of the nose

4. Do sunscreen work: sunscreen is actually very important. The aging speed of non sunscreen skin will accelerate, and skin aging will lead to pore relaxation. Mm is recommended to choose skin care products that help shrink pores and increase collagen.

5. Healthy living habits: bad rest or improper diet will also lead to the appearance of large pores. Mm usually to develop the habit of early sleep, usually eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, intake of minerals and vitamins, can improve the skin.

The reason of big pores in nose

1. The sebaceous glands are hyperactive. Often eat fried food, or the original oily skin mm, the nose out more oil, if not do a good job in oil control, then the pores will be large because to discharge a lot of oil.

2. Love to squeeze pimples. This is how many mm can not say the pain ah! Is not able to resist for a while, but it will bring serious and even very difficult to make up for the consequences. Pimples can irritate the skin, damage the tissues near the hair follicles and make the pores bigger.

How to narrow the pores of the nose

3. Skin sagging and aging. In fact, the thick pores of nose are related to the atrophy of skin tissue. With the increase of age, the synthesis of collagen and elastin in dermis of skin will be reduced and the loss will be increased. At this time, the skin will lose its elasticity. When the skin loses its' supporting force ', it will become dry and shriveled. However, due to the external pressure, the ducts of sebaceous glands of hair follicles will expand outward, resulting in the enlarged pores.

How to narrow the pores of the nose

4. Too much makeup on nose, clogged pores. Mm make-up time for rush to work is up to 10 minutes, but in such a short time, our skin will bear the stack of N kinds of cosmetics, so that the skin can't breathe well, and pore clogging will easily make pores bigger. So I suggest that mm do not wear heavy makeup.

5. The skin is too dry and short of water. Super dry skin mm may be very heart plug, due to the lack of skin moisture, pores will be highlighted. Therefore, whether it is oily skin or dry skin, we should do a good job in facial moisturizing.