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Can you drink honey water on an empty stomach in the morning? What are the benefits of drinking hone

For honey, many people like to taste it in their daily life. Many people have the habit of drinking honey water on an empty stomach in the morning. They think that they can get rid of toxins in the body and beautify the skin. How about drinking honey water on an empty stomach in the morning?

Honey is a brain tonic

Honey is the special medicine for quick recovery of memory. Natural honey contains quite a lot of active elements, which can be replenished immediately after ingestion and nourish the whole body.

Honey contains more than 90% monosaccharide. After ingestion, it can be absorbed immediately without digestion. It will also react to blood sugar and directly supplement the brain. In addition, it is not only beneficial for nutrition, but also for brain development.

The weight of human brain can be said to reach its maximum at about the age of 20. Until the age of 20, the brain is still developing. So young people can get more honey, which is very helpful for brain development.

Honey is eaten alone on an empty stomach, and you must choose unheated raw honey. After heating, honey will destroy the original nutrients and turn into toxins, so don't add them to hot drinks, let alone to cooking.

The daily portion is three teaspoons. Please do not eat honey stored below 40 ℃ and above 40 ℃.

Best on an empty stomach

Honey has lotus, locust, orange, dandelion and alfalfa, but its effect has nothing to do with the variety of flowers. The utility of honey depends on which season the flowers bloom in the sun, not on what flowers bloom and when.

There are twelve brain nervous systems in human beings. Auditory nerve, visual nerve, facial nerve and glossopharyngeal nerve are the most representative. However, according to the different seasons of honey harvest, the effects on the 12 nervous systems are different.

For example, honey collected in the sun from August to October is the most effective way to strengthen the visual system; honey collected from March to May is quite helpful to the glossopharyngeal nerve in charge of taste or the oculomotor nerve in operation of the eyeball; honey collected from January to March can strengthen the auditory system.

According to the seasonal changes, the effect of honey will be different. But in any case, it doesn't make sense if it's not raw honey.

Honey can play an effective way to eat, that is, do not need to do any conditioning, eat directly. If you want the best results, remember to eat on an empty stomach. Honey has a characteristic, that is, it can not be eaten with grains, which is easy to confuse memory, so it is not recommended to eat with honey.

It's no problem to drink with normal temperature water or warm water. It is recommended to add a little lemon, which is a delicious honey lemon juice. Drinking honey lemon juice can not only purify the undigested substances, but also clear the gastrointestinal system.