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What are the new regulations for ant lending in 2019? Introduction to the new regulations of ant len

In 2019, people's dependence on ants will be further improved. More and more people are asking about the new regulations of borrowing in 2019 in order to better use it. Today, the editor will introduce the latest regulations for you, hoping to attract your attention.

New regulations on repayment

In 2019, the repayment time of the loan will start at 13:00 noon on the deduction day and end at 24:00 that day. As long as everyone repays before 24 o'clock of the day, it is not overdue. If more than 19 accounts are still outstanding, you'd better make a manual repayment.

In terms of deduction sequence, the default deduction sequence of debit in 2019 is' balance & rarr; savings card shortcut (including online commercial bank) & rarr; yu'ebao '. According to the signing order, the savings card deducts money from near to early, and tries to deduct 7 cards at most.

New regulations on withdrawal

1. In 2019, if you get the permission of "spend to raise amount", you can quickly raise amount by completing the task of "spend to raise amount". If you meet the requirements of the system, you can increase the quota by 50 yuan at least.

2, we can increase the frequency of Alipay use, increase the frequency of flower use, upgrade the membership level and other ways.

Close to restore new regulations

1. If the borrower is operating in an unfamiliar environment, or has recently changed the bound mobile phone number or device, then there is still a chance to resume borrowing after waiting for 2-3 days.

2. If the borrower is unable to use the loan due to non-compliance with the regulations, it is not necessarily possible to restore the limit in a short period of time, nor can the manual intervention.

Above, the editor introduced the new regulations for borrowing in 2019. In general, there are still some changes in the use of borrowing in 2019, and most netizens need to know something about it.