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Why are programmers so bald? Is programmer baldness related to working overtime and staying up late

Programmers in many people's impression, is it easy to get bald after middle age? They get up earlier than chickens, sleep later than dogs, eat worse than pigs, and do more than donkeys. These people are so-called coders. Generally speaking, programmers seldom have very thick hair. Do you know what causes them?

After a long period of observation, the programmer loves learning, programming, coffee, challenge, professional research, playing games, sleeping late and working late into the night. He is good at technology, advocating simplicity and laziness, mysterious and withdrawn, silent and distinct love and hate, and he goes his own way, which is the programmer.

Some people say 'cherish life and stay away from it'. Programmers face computers all the time. They are nearsighted for a long time, unable to sit for a long time, and men are prone to prostatitis, etc. more and more programmers find that their hair has lost so much that they begin to show signs of hair loss. They will face a severe crisis of baldness. Why do programmers lose their hair generally? What are the reasons why programmers lose their hair?

First, too much mental pressure

Every day, programmers work too much, which has bad effects on their body and mind. Especially when the mental pressure is too high, people usually have abnormal mood, fidgety and other phenomena. The negative mood, coupled with the great psychological pressure, will further affect the work progress.

Second, overuse of the brain

Programmers need to be highly focused when they are working. When they are highly focused, the brain is constantly operating. If they don't get rest for a long time, the brain will be in a state of insufficient blood supply or even lack of oxygen. Moreover, excessive use of the brain will not only cause hair loss and white hair, but also often lead to dizziness and headache.

Third, often stay up late to work overtime

It's common for programmers to work overtime and fight day and night. In order to work, we can only choose to sacrifice sleep time, but often staying up late will not only cause the internal secretion disorder in the body, and the irregular work and rest time will make the human body unable to self repair through sleep, which is more unfavorable to the growth of hair.

Fourth, irregular diet

In order to catch up with the work, programmers often have the last meal but not the next meal. Eating irregularly for a long time will cause malnutrition, which will lead to hair loss. Many programmers often drink coffee to refresh themselves. In addition, eating too salty, too greasy and too spicy can cause hair loss.