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How to increase credit card quota? Will the amount of overseas consumption of credit card be increas

Sometimes I will see the card friends post that the credit card can't be raised. Some people suggest that it's easier to raise the amount than the domestic consumption to try overseas consumption. In fact, this statement is also approved by the editor. Of course, it doesn't mean that overseas consumption can be successfully raised. It mainly depends on the contribution to the bank and the credit and card usage of the cardholder.

First of all, it is certain that overseas consumption of credit card will be increased.

There are many reasons. First of all, people who can go abroad for consumption generally have good economic ability and qualification. In addition, the service charge of overseas card swiping is much higher than that in China. Frequent overseas consumption can make more contributions to banks. Therefore, many banks have introduced the preferential policy of overseas card swiping and cash back, in order to attract more overseas consumption of cardholders and earn more service charges.

In addition, overseas consumption can also improve the cardholder's comprehensive score. If the comprehensive score is compared to a bucket, domestic ordinary consumption is equivalent to a drop of water in the bucket, then overseas consumption is a cup of water in the bucket, so overseas consumption is much faster than domestic consumption, and it is easier to raise the amount.

Of course, the successful withdrawal of overseas consumption is subject to the bank's audit results.

If the cardholder's daily credit card is good, credit is good, and maintain good consumption habits, then the amount is much easier. Some cardholders may raise the amount immediately after spending overseas, which is obvious. Of course, if the cardholder uses fewer cards and still has overdue time, even overseas consumption may not be able to raise the amount.

However, no matter what, it is easier to increase the amount of credit card overseas consumption than domestic consumption, but one thing to remember about overseas credit card swiping is that in different countries, you should try to spend 48 hours apart. Before swiping, you should know the available amount in the card, and don't lack the amount of credit card swiping, otherwise you may be subject to bank risk control.