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What happened to the black slag under the cat's chin? It could be a clogged hair follicle

What's the matter with the black slag on the cat's chin? There are often excrement shoveling officers who will find that there are many black spots under the cat's chin that are similar to flea shit. What are these black slag? In fact, it's hair follicle blockage. What's the solution?

What's the matter with the black scum on the cat's chin

The phenomenon of cat's black chin is actually folliculitis. When the hair follicle is blocked by grease, there will be small black spots, similar to the black head and acne of our bipedal animals. When a lot of small black dots come together, they form a black chin. Secondary bacterial infection will also appear when the red, pustules and so on. Folliculitis belongs to bacterial infection.

Causes of hair follicle blockage

Endocrine maladjustment: when the cat's endocrine maladjustment, the chin is the part that the cat can't clean by itself at ordinary times, and the oil secreted will block the pores. Generally, male cats have higher incidence than female cats, which will improve after sterilization.

Diet: the fat content of cat food is high.

Food utensils: plastic water bowls and food bowls, because of their small density, will have many holes on the surface that are hard to detect by the naked eye. These holes will gather bacteria and are hard to clean. Therefore, when using plastic food utensils, cats are prone to be infected by bacteria and cause black Chin. It can be prevented by high-density ceramic, glass or stainless steel tableware.

Care and treatment

When there is only a small black dot, it will only affect the appearance. You can apply it with a hot towel first, and then wipe it off with a cotton swab or wet paper towel after the small black spots soften. Do not forcefully pick with fingernails, it will cause infection. It can be washed once a day with a mild, diluted anti-inflammatory and antibacterial soap solution, which will soon restore its beauty. For those cats with large area of black chin, it's better to disinfect them with alcohol after cleaning. Those with redness and pustules on the surface can be smeared with some mild anti-inflammatory and bactericidal ointment.