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When is the movie released? Main content of Xia Mu's friend account movie

You should be very impressed by this anime. The film version has been released in Japan. It's not original or anime powder, but there are no obstacles to watch. The tense rhythm and excellent scenes can even attract a batch of new fans. A lot of people want to know when China will be released? Let Xiaobian tell you.

Animation of the 10th anniversary, the content is rich enough, and the level has not declined, as always, light sadness in people feel cured. The most interesting thing is the cat teacher. She became three little ladies. Hahahaha, super cute and super desirable. However, it's a bit slow in rhythm, but Japanese animated films always do.

It is unbelievable that the movie "summer eye friends account" has been released on Chinese mainland in March 17th. Many people are very expecting this movie. The movie mainly tells about the big monster spot that has been accompanying the hero's summer eye and split into three kittens, while Xia Mu will have to separate the story from the spot. Can he succeed in saving his partner?

"Friends account of xiamu" was originally created by the cartoonist lvchuanxing. Later, it was adapted into a cartoon. Now it has been broadcast for six seasons, and even two episodes have been published outside fanwai. Xiamu is a very special boy. He can see monsters, so he was regarded as monsters since he was a child. Everyone alienated him. His parents' early death left him without the warmth of his family. In recent years, xiamu has been tossing around in various relatives' houses, which also made him see the warmth of human relationships.

How does xiamu summon monsters

Fortunately, xiamu was adopted by a kind-hearted Fujiwara couple, so that xiamu didn't have to wander any more. When sorting out the things left by his grandmother, xiamu found a notebook full of names. The names on this notebook are all the names of monsters, and they are also contracts with monsters. As long as you have this notebook, you can command these monsters.

Many monsters in the world covet this notebook and run to xiamu's side to snatch it. Fortunately, a big monster named Zuoban incarnates into a cute Zhaocai cat to guard him and protect him all the time. Xia Mu and ban have been living together with deep feelings.

Although the movie hasn't been released yet, you can know that the plot must be wonderful by watching the trailer. The delicate and warm picture and the warmth of the story of "summer friends account" are very popular in the hearts of fans. You can't wait to see the movie as soon as possible!