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Food preparation before colonoscopy what to eat before colonoscopy

For many people with gastrointestinal problems, is gastrointestinal problems very bothering? Before colonoscopy, we need to do a good job of gastrointestinal cleaning. If the gastrointestinal cleaning is not thorough, it will affect the process and results of colonoscopy, so it is very important. Here, I'd like to introduce the food preparation before colonoscopy.

Food preparation before enteroscopy

Check the dinner of the previous day into the semi fluid and less slag diet, such as porridge, do not eat vegetables and watermelon and other fruit with seeds.

About 4 hours before the examination, 50g for adults and 25-35g for children were taken orally with 100ml warm boiled water, and 2000-2500ml warm boiled water was taken orally within 1 hour. Generally half an hour or so after the start of defecation, diarrhea 5-7 times can basically clear the feces in the large intestine.

Some patients will vomit in the process of intestinal preparation, which may be related to the stimulation of magnesium sulfate and large amount of drinking water in a short period of time. Magnesium sulfate can be mixed into the drink and taken orally, and then the boiled water can be taken slowly, with no obvious abdominal distention as the standard. If you still defecate 4 hours after drinking water, it is invalid. You should go to the hospital for cleaning enema.

In addition, what are the precautions before colonoscopy?

Precautions before colonoscopy

Three days before the examination, eat easily digestible food, such as soft rice, porridge, noodles, tofu, eggs, milk, soymilk, etc., and fast food containing crude fiber.

In the morning, the check-up patient fasts in the morning, in the afternoon, the check-up patient can drink milk and soymilk in the morning, fasts at noon, and forbids water two hours before painless check.

According to the requirements of oral detergent to clean the intestinal tract, it is generally discharged within two hours after taking the medicine, and the stool discharged finally can be checked only when it is clear water or yellow water without fecal residue.

If you are willing to have a painless gastroscopy, you'd better make an appointment in advance so as to make a reasonable arrangement.

For those with heart disease, ECG examination may be necessary and cardiology treatment may be necessary.

For the patients with respiratory diseases, they may need to have a respiratory examination, and if necessary, they should be treated by respiratory medicine.

Fasting for 8 hours and drinking for more than 4 hours before analgesia; emptying bladder and removing movable dentures and jewelry before examination.

For your safety, you need to be accompanied and sign the informed consent for analgesia before operation.

Before colonoscopy, do a good job of gastrointestinal cleaning.