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How much does it cost to transfer a used car to a brand? Detailed process of used car transfer and l

For the owner who wants to change the name of the owner of the second-hand car, it is necessary to clearly understand the specific process of transfer and licensing of the second-hand car. Second hand car business is very popular nowadays, so for people who want to buy second-hand cars, it might as well be understood.

Transfer process

1. Go to the transfer hall, show the relevant materials to get the old motor vehicle sales contract, and fill it in.

2. Drive the car to the transfer and inspection place, carry out vehicle inspection, number extension, license plate removal and photo processing, and fill in the inspection record form. After that, you can park in the parking lot and go to the transfer hall for formalities.

3. Line up at the charge window of the transfer hall and pay the 'transfer fee'.

4. Go to the "transfer acceptance" window to go through the relevant formalities. The registration form of motor vehicle registration, transfer and cancellation / transfer in application form shall be filled in before handling.

5. After handling the "transfer acceptance", get the receipt, and then go through the licensing procedures.

Licensing process

1. Invoicing: fill in the transaction transfer form and issue the second-hand car transaction invoice.

2. Vehicle external inspection: carry out vehicle extension and photography. After these two procedures are completed, mainly check whether the engine number and frame number are consistent with the original vehicle.

3. Number selection: as the used car is not allowed to select the individual license plate, only one out of ten can be used for number selection.

4. Change license plate: after the number is selected, you only need to exchange the old license plate for the new one, and then stick on the inspection mark to get on the road.


How to transfer and license the second-hand car? First of all, the owner needs to go to the transfer hall to collect and fill in the "old vehicle sales contract"; second, the car should be driven to the transfer inspection office for inspection; then, the payment in the hall and go to the "transfer acceptance" to handle the transfer formalities; then, the new car mainly issues the invoice and checks the car, and then uses the "one out of ten" method to select the number; finally, the old license plate is exchanged for the new license plate. Before the second-hand car transfer and licensing procedures are handled, the owners must prepare the relevant fees to avoid affecting the processing progress.