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Where to handle real estate transfer? What materials are needed for the transfer of real estate cert

Real estate transfer refers to the whole process of property transfer from Party A to Party B, i.e. the transfer of property right refers to the process of obtaining real estate by means of transfer, sale, gift, inheritance and so on, and going to the property right registration center to go through the formalities of property right change. So where to handle the transfer of real estate? What materials are needed for the transfer of real estate certificate? Come and have a look.

the real estate transfer can be directly handled in the real estate trading center. 1、 Materials required for the transfer of real estate certificate:

1、 Provide ID card, account book and property certificate of both parties.

2. If you don't plan to sell it later, you can sign the gift directly. That's a low cost. If you plan to trade in the future, you'd better fill in the sales contract in the housing trading hall, and then go to the housing trading hall to transfer the ownership.

3. But there will be fees in the middle: if the area is less than or equal to 144 square meters in less than five years, 5.5% of the difference business tax (the difference between the market guidance price and the original purchase price) will be charged. Deed tax: if the area is less than 90 square meters and the first house, 1% will be charged. If the second house, 2% will be charged, and the individual tax will be 1%. Everything else is a small expense.

2、 The transfer of real estate certificate can also be realized through inheritance. How to handle the procedures of Housing Inheritance

1. The procedure shall go to the local police station where the household registration of the decedent is located to cancel the household registration and handle the death certificate.

2. Go to the district or City Notary Office (the former commercial housing for export to the City Notary Office) to notarize the right of inheritance. There are two types of property inheritance: one is testamentary inheritance, the other is legal inheritance.

3. The applicant is the heir or legatee in the registration of house transfer.

The applicant shall submit the following documents to the registration authority: application for real estate registration (original), identity certificate (duplicate), real estate property right certificate (original), notarial document of inheritance right or will and notarial document of accepting Legacy (original) \ \ certificate of deed tax payment (original).

4. Legacy is different from legal inheritance and testamentary inheritance, so it needs to pay taxes.

Extended data:

Property transfer process:

1. If the transfer of the real estate certificate does not go through the real estate intermediary, the terms of the contract and the terms of breach of contract shall be clearly written. When signing the contract, the party named on the real estate certificate of the Seller shall be present (if married, both husband and wife shall be present and signed, even if there is only one person's name on the real estate certificate).

2. After the application materials are ready, you must go to the real estate bureau and fill in some forms and a stock contract. The amount on the stock contract must be the same as the amount on the signed contract.

3. After the application materials of the real estate transfer are all handed over to the real estate bureau, the real estate bureau will give a receipt to pay the tax according to the date stated on the receipt, which generally takes about 15 working days.

4. After paying the transfer tax, you can get the real estate certificate.

Property transfer procedures:

(1) Real estate transfer registration application form;

(2) Identification of the applicant;

(3) Real estate title certificate;

(4) Administrative decision letter, real estate sales contract of relevant administrative organs, (if notarization is required according to regulations, notarized real estate sales contract shall be submitted) or notarized real estate gift letter, or notarized Real Estate Inheritance certificate, or real estate exchange agreement, or real estate division agreement;

(5) If the mortgage has been established, a written document agreed by the mortgagee shall be submitted;

(6) The people's court shall submit the effective judgment, ruling, conciliation statement and notice of assistance in execution for the compulsory transfer;

(7) For the transfer of real estate by an unincorporated enterprise or organization, the approval document approved by the property department shall be submitted;

(8) For land with administrative allocation or reduction of land price, the approval document of the competent authority and the certificate of paying off the land price shall be submitted;

(9) For the acquisition of real estate by means of bidding, auction and listing, the letter of confirmation of winning the bid, the letter of confirmation of auction transaction, the contract for the transfer of the right to the use of the land and the certificate of payment of the land price shall be submitted;

(10) The welfare commercial housing belonging to the government shall be submitted to the relevant competent department for approval;

(11) In case of demolition compensation, a demolition compensation agreement shall be submitted;

(12) Opinions of the real estate co owners on the transfer;

(13) For the acquisition or merger of enterprises, the approval documents of relevant departments shall be submitted;

(14) Real estate transfer between state-owned enterprises or other organizations,

(15) Other documents stipulated by laws, regulations, rules and normative documents.