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What are the fruits suitable for women to eat during menstruation? Five kinds of fruits suitable for

Girls to menstruation period is the need for nutrition intake period, never hungry. If you want to spend your menstruation comfortably, it's good to eat some fruits properly to adjust. What kind of fruits do you eat during your menstruation? Today, this article recommends some fruits that are suitable for your menstruation.

What fruit does menstruation eat good?

Fruit recommendation during menstruation 1: Orange

The content of vitamin C in orange is very rich. It is a strong antioxidant and can also be used as a medium to promote iron absorption. During menstruation, women will lose blood. The body needs appropriate iron supplement to promote hematopoietic function. The rich vitamin C in orange can greatly improve the body's absorption and utilization of iron and effectively prevent anemia.

Fruit recommendation during menstruation 2: Durian

During menstruation, women's bodies are relatively weak, and their bodies need a lot of nutrition and heat to maintain. As the king of fruits, durian is not only high in calories, but also provides rich nutrients for women. Eating durian properly during menstruation is very helpful. However, durian is a hot fruit, which should not be greedy. Be careful about the fire.

Fruit recommendation during menstruation 3: Grapes

Most women try their best to avoid cold food during menstruation, even the cold fruit is not dare to eat, and grapes as a flat fruit is very suitable for menstruation, and grapes are rich in minerals and vitamins, which is very helpful for the nutrition supply of women during menstruation.

Fruit recommendation during menstruation 4: Hawthorn

During menstruation, women's mood fluctuates and their appetite is relatively poor, which is not conducive to the absorption of nutrition. It's good to have a big appetite for hawthorn. It's sour, sour and sweet. During menstruation, eating something to help you avoid anorexia.

Fruit recommendation during menstruation 5: Longan

Longan is a warm fruit with high iron content and calories. It can provide energy for menstrual women and promote the regeneration of hemoglobin, so as to achieve the effect of nourishing blood. For the menstrual women who are afraid of cold food, longan is a kind of fruit that is highly praised during menstruation.

[diet precautions during menstruation]

During menstruation, there is not much food to avoid. For women with dysmenorrhea, it's better to avoid cold and cold things during menstruation. It's better to eat less stimulating drinks and spicy food during menstruation to avoid aggravating dysmenorrhea symptoms.

The five kinds of fruits recommended above are very suitable for menstrual consumption. It's not harmful for menstrual women to eat some of them. You may as well try them during menstrual period.