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What's the reason why we suggest you die directly? Taobao customer service language evolved

We all know that Taobao customer service always politely says something like "kiss". For a long time, many people have turned this sentence into a hindrance. Recently, there's a joke circulating on the Internet. What hindrance is the suggestion that you die directly? But isn't it very rude to say that?

What's the reason for your direct death

In fact, it is to imitate a tone of customer service of a certain treasure. Recently, this tone of speech can be said to be very popular. Weibo comments can be seen everywhere.

'dear ones, here I suggest you & hellip; & hellip;' in fact, it is commonly used for online shopping customer service to deal with buyers, or to perfunctorize the buyer's standard statement. If there is any problem with the general buyer, please find after-sales customer service. They will give a reasonable or unreasonable suggestion. In order to show their affection and respect to the buyer, they will generally add "kiss, we suggest you & hellip; & hellip;".

Make complaints about the Tucao or some strong expectations. Before you want to express your words, you should add "kiss". We suggest that you make complaints about … … "it seems less rigid, cordial and full of appearance. Actually, it may not be a suggestion, simply for Tucao. Pro, we suggest you search Baidu directly.

I suggest you die directly from:

In 2011, the word "kiss" became popular on the Internet. Especially the netizens who often visit Taobao often meet the owners of Taobao who call Taobao "kiss".

Xiaoqingxin sent taobaoti to the sellers of for the first time. Because it was called "pro" (dear abbreviation), it was kind and disgusting. There were three versions of taobaoti's popularity: the "school enrollment version" in July 2011 when Nanjing University of technology sent the "taobaoti" enrollment message to the enrolled students, and the "taobaoti" recruitment information unit released by the blogger "diplomatic Xiaolingtong" in August 2011 In August 2011, Zhengzhou traffic police broke the traditional way of publicity and used Taobao for the first time to promote traffic safety.