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The list of the most complete labor packages in history

Pregnant in October, for a delivery, waiting for delivery package that must be prepared in advance. Generally, it's about seven months to start preparation. For the first time to be an inexperienced mother to be, the labor package needs to be prepared in advance. Today's editor will summarize the most complete labor package for you. Don't miss it!

Therefore, how to prepare the labor package is basically a question that every mother should consider before giving birth to a child. If you don't have any experience in this field, you may as well refer to the following list of labor packages.

Labor package list

ID card, birth inspection medical record and perinatal card, birth permit card, medical insurance card, birth insurance certificate, bank card or cash of more than 5000 yuan.

These should be brought with you at the time of admission. The data of prenatal examination is convenient for doctors to quickly understand the situation of their mothers. Other things need to be used for hospitalization and reimbursement. Husband and wife's household register and birth certificate (i.e. birth permit) are generally not required in hospitals, but some hospitals need to ask in advance.

The next step is to use a lot of things before and after giving birth! Some things will be provided uniformly in the hospital, such as swaddling clothes, baby bath fluid, abdominal band, etc., but each hospital is different, it's better to ask first, ask doctors, nurses or mothers who have given birth. The details and approximate usage are as follows:

First of all, it's mom's stuff:

Loose and comfortable underwear: 4-6 pieces, large night sanitary napkin: 20-25 pieces, toilet paper, easy to wear and take off Slippers: 1-2 pairs, medium and small towels: 4-6 pieces, toiletries: 1 set, straw cup, spoon, some physical supplement food and drink (such as chocolate, pulse, red bull, etc.).

Then there's the baby's stuff:

Diapers: about 30 pieces, baby specific wet tissue: about 50 pieces, baby hip cream: 1 bottle, newborn clothes: 2-4 pieces with belly clothes, hat: 2 pieces, towel quilt: 2 pieces

All of the above are necessary items in the labor waiting bag. There are still some things that can be prepared according to the specific situation. There are many people in the family and they are easy to take. There is a large room in the ward, and they can be prepared when conditions permit, which is convenient for their own use:

Pajamas: 2-4 sets, nursing underwear: 3 pieces, abdominal belt binding: 1 piece, puerperal pad: 8-10 pieces, anti overflow milk patch, wet towel: 2 bags, breast suction device: 1 piece, discharge clothing: 1 set, tableware, toilet pad, mobile phone, charger.

Bottles, nipples and milk powder can be prepared, but as long as the mother does not have special circumstances, breastfeeding as early as possible (within half an hour of birth) can meet the needs of the baby, and the bottles may be used later.

Not only does the mother need to pay attention to the things waiting for delivery, but also let Bao PA know these lists. In case he is in a hurry to be admitted to hospital, he can have a heart attack.

The above is the regular labor waiting bag. Mom who takes the simple route can do other things directly when she sees it here.

Four seasons labor package

Of course, if you have the whole family to help you, you can also add the following items to the waiting list!

Different seasons, labor package should also be different, four seasons labor package from this!

Waiting bag in spring

Rain gear, put some medicine for spring frequently occurring diseases, such as cold medicine, baby special moisturizer and cotton swab.

Summer labor package

Mild baby shampoo, baby washing liquid, appetizer snacks (such as pickled cucumber, hawthorn, yogurt, plum)

Waiting bag in autumn

Warm clothes (one-piece clothes, covers), baby moisturizer.

Winter labor package

Thickened moon cap, pajamas, cotton slippers, thick socks, thickened baby bellies, conjoined clothes, coats and covers, feet sleeves, gloves, warm air blower, baby face cream.

At the same time, you can also take the electric sucking device, so you will sweat less; the eye mask can help you feel better at any time; the mouthwash is inconvenient to use when you get out of bed; the breast-feeding special pillow is convenient for breast-feeding; the HD camera or video recorder leaves the most precious memory.