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Can stewed bird's nest be eaten overnight? How to stew bird's nest at home

Bird's nest is a traditional health tonic in our country. It is a kind of beauty and beauty product that many women often eat. In ancient costume plays, we often see bird's nest as a tribute for dignitaries to enjoy. With the improvement of people's living standard, women can afford to eat bird's nest now.

Because the traditional process of picking hair and cleaning is too complicated, many friends have one-time stew for 2 days or more bird's nests, saving time and energy. At this time, the heart can not help but have a good bird's nest stewed overnight can drink the question!

Can stewed bird's nest be drunk overnight?

The nutritionist's advice is to try to stew only once at a time. Stewing now is the best way to eat bird's nest. But considering that it's really troublesome to clean the hair of the traditional swallows' lanterns, it's really a waste of time to soak, pick, stew and eat every time.

For those friends who eat traditional swallows, our suggestions are:

1. You can soak more at a time, pick up the wool, but only stew once. The rest should be refrigerated and kept for no more than 7 days.

2. I really want to stew it all at once, but the storage time is not recommended to exceed 3 days. Use microwave oven to heat it before eating each time.

3. If you want to stew and eat now, and it's convenient and quick, you can choose pure bird's nest (no bubble, no pick, no wash, stew, 20 minutes can do it).

There is also a special reminder, if the amount of stew for two or three days at a time, remember to stew the bird's nest separately, do not add any auxiliary materials, and the auxiliary materials should be added when eating.

The stewing process of traditional Erigeron is attached:

1. Bubble hair: bubble hair for more than 4 hours, let swallow fully bubble open;

2. Cleaning and hair picking: clean with water, remove the hair and impurities with tweezers. It is suggested to use the method of picking and cleaning for many times;

3. Add water and stew in water: make sure to stew in water. Add pure water in the stewing cup according to the proportion of 1:40, and add some tap water in the outer pot. First boil the water in the outer pot with a large fire. After the water is boiled, adjust it to a slow simmer for 30-40 minutes.

You can add different accessories according to your taste, such as ice sugar water, Sydney, wolfberry, etc., and you can eat them.