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Lemon is the sign of the rich. What's the matter? There are so many advantages to eating lemon every

What's the reason behind lemon being the symbol of the rich? Lemon, a citrus plant in Rutaceae, has a sour taste and is mainly produced in the United States, Italy, Spain and other countries. So, lemon has become the symbol of the rich. In Russia, only the rich can afford lemon. Do you think you are rich?

Lemon is the sign of the rich

An article in Forbes magazine sparked a heated debate. The article points out that lemon is a sign of the rich. The author also cites executives of limoneira, a well-known American lemon company, to prove his point.

According to reports, the Forbes article was written by Liz Sachs, a journalist. Of course, saxophone is not casual. Harold Edwards is quoted in the article.

Edward is the CEO of limoneira. A well-known news agency reported that an article "lemon is a sign of rich people in Russia" was published. Among them, in an interview with Edward, the executive officer of the American lemon giant company, he got a detailed explanation. Edwards said residents in Russia have more demand for lemons than in other countries.

In the article, Edward said that through research and analysis of sales, he found that people in Russia and Southeast Asia buy lemons to show their status. He explained that Russia could not grow lemons because of the weather, so it had to buy imported lemons at a high price. They did this not to eat, but to show that they had money and could afford it.

What do you think about the idea that lemon is the sign of the rich?

Benefits of daily lemonade drinking

1. Delay skin aging

Lemonade is the favorite of many beauty loving women in life, because it is rich in vitamin C and a variety of amino acids, which can inhibit pigment deposition, also can remove free radicals accumulated on the surface of the skin, can whiten the skin at the same time, delay skin aging, reduce wrinkle generation, and can keep people's skin in a relatively young state.

2. Defecate and defecate

Defecation and detoxification is also one of the important functions of lemonade. Its acid composition can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and its vitamins can clear away a variety of toxins accumulated in the intestinal tract, which can be excreted in the body with defecation. They are often drunk at ordinary times, which can not only moisten the intestine and relieve the bowels, but also play a good role in detoxification.

3. Remove bad breath

Usually drink more lemonade, but also to remove the bad breath, it contains vitamin C and acid ingredients can eliminate a variety of bacteria in the mouth, and it contains aromatic substances can leave a fresh smell in people's mouth, can effectively remove halitosis, fresh breath.

4. Promote blood circulation

After people enter middle age, there will be a large amount of garbage and cholesterol in the blood vessels, which will slow down the blood circulation, and there will be adverse symptoms such as high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia. However, if you drink more lemonade, you can absorb abundant trace element potassium, which can prevent the rise of blood pressure, and it contains vitamins, which can improve the blood vessel permeability and maintain the blood circulation of the human body Normal operation of.