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How to install the camera? What are the precautions for installing the camera

The camera also brings us some convenience and security in our life. Installing cameras in many public areas can avoid many disputes. Installing cameras at home can monitor the security of the home in real time. Do you know how to install the camera? What are the precautions during installation? Let's get to know next.

Basic introduction of camera

Camera camera, also known as computer camera, computer eye and electronic eye, is a kind of video input equipment, which is widely used in video conference, telemedicine and real-time monitoring. Ordinary people can also talk and communicate with each other through video and sound on the network through cameras. In addition, people can also use it in a variety of current popular digital image, audio-visual processing.

Cameras can be divided into digital cameras and analog cameras. The digital camera can convert the analog video signal generated by the video acquisition equipment into digital signal, and then store it in the computer. The video signal captured by the analog camera must be converted to digital mode by a specific video capture card and compressed before it can be converted to a computer. The digital camera can capture the image directly, and then transmit it to the computer through serial, parallel or USB interface. The cameras in the computer market are mainly digital cameras, while the digital cameras are mainly USB digital cameras with new data transmission interface, most of which are visible in the market.

In addition, there is a kind of product used with video capture card, but it is not the mainstream. Due to the rapid popularity of personal computers, the overall cost of analog cameras is high, and it can not meet the BSV LCD splicing screen interface and other reasons, the transmission speed of USB interface is far higher than that of serial port and parallel port, so the market of digital cameras with USB interface. Analog camera can be used with video capture card or USB video capture card, which is convenient to connect with computer. Typical application is general video monitoring.

How to install the camera

Camera deal? H3 (\ 'digital camera installation \')

1. Purchase one DC 12V power supply, one camera bracket (except hemispheres), one network cable with appropriate length, and one power cable with two cores.

2. Place the camera in a proper position, connect the power cable and network cable, and pull the cable to the computer network card. Install the IP scanning software of the digital camera.

3. Log in to the camera, simply configure the camera and change the storage mode.

Deal 3 (\ 'analog camera installation \')

1. Purchase one DC 12V power supply, one camera bracket (except hemispheres), one 75-3 video cable with appropriate length, one two core power cable, one acquisition card and one pair of BNC head.

2. Install the collection card on the computer motherboard and install the driver. Then place the camera in a proper position, connect the power cord, weld the BNC head, and pull the cable to the computer.

3. A section of BNC head will be welded, connected to the acquisition card and connected to the power supply. Make some simple configuration for the acquisition card, and change the storage time or mode.

Precautions for camera installation

Camera 1. The rated voltage of the wire for monitoring camera shall be greater than the working voltage of the line. The insulation of the conductor shall conform to the installation mode of the line and the environmental conditions for laying. The cross-sectional area of the conductor shall meet the requirements of power supply and mechanical strength.

2. When wiring the monitoring camera, try to avoid the connection of wires. If it is not necessary to use a connector, the connector of the camera must be crimped or welded, and the connection and branch of the conductor shall not be affected by mechanical force.

3. The wiring of monitoring camera shall be installed horizontally or vertically in the building. The wiring shall be protected by casing (plastic or iron water pipe, selected according to the technical requirements of indoor piping). The ceiling wiring can be made of metal hose, but it shall be fixed firmly and beautifully.

4. The signal line of the monitoring camera cannot be parallel to the high-power power power line, let alone in the same pipe. If parallel wiring is required due to environmental constraints, the signal line of the monitoring camera shall be at least 50cm away from the high-power power power line.

5. The AC power supply of the alarm control box of the monitoring camera shall be wired separately. The camera shall not be threaded in the same pipe with the signal line and the low-voltage DC power line. The installation of the AC power line shall conform to the electrical installation standard.

6. The wiring from the alarm control box of the monitoring camera to the ceiling shall be managed into the wall or protected by iron water pipes, so as to improve the anti-theft performance of the anti-theft system and the technical requirements of the indoor piping of the camera.