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What are the riddles about animals on the Lantern Festival? Interesting lantern riddles

Time always flies. It's the annual Lantern Festival again. The Lantern Festival is on the 15th day of the first month. Besides watching the Lantern Festival, there are more riddles waiting for you. These are all our traditional activities. Today, Xiaobian has collected a lot of riddles about animals on the Lantern Festival. Interesting riddles and riddles are waiting for you.

Riddles of Lantern Festival in 2019

guess lantern riddles

Wearing a red hat, five colored clothes, never singing, like to raise the voice (play an animal)

Mystery / answer: Rooster

Elder sister needn't use thread for needles, second sister needn't use thread for needles, third sister doesn't work on lighting, fourth sister doesn't work on lighting. (fighting four kinds of animals)

Mystery / answer: bee, spider, firefly, spinner

He was born with a long neck and wore a piebald suit. It takes no effort to eat tender leaves. (beat an animal)

Mystery / answer: Giraffe

The little tail is so high that it can't walk but jump. Eaves tree hole is its home, like to eat grains do not eat grass. (beat an animal)

Mystery / answer: sparrow

Long sharp mouth, thin legs, drag a big tail, doubt God and ghost. (beat an animal)

Answer: Fox

The strong tail has short forearm and the most powerful crooked forepaw. Big head, sharp teeth, dominating the late Cretaceous. (beat an animal)

Mystery / answer: Tyrannosaurus Rex

I live in a beautiful forest and am good at climbing trees. Act like a person's most intelligent, happy, sad and expressive. (beat an animal)

Mystery / answer: Orangutan

Wearing a hard armor robe, he is aggressive and aggressive. Take scissors with you. You can't cut clothes. (beat an animal)

Mystery / answer: Crab

Aquarium, big star, jump circle and head ball. Docile, intelligent and lovely, the children praised it. (beat an animal)

Mystery / answer: Dolphins

There are birds on the sea. They like to run with boats. Look for fish in the sea, never afraid of storms. (beat an animal)

Answer / answer: seagull

A horse is not a horse. It is not seen on the ground. If you use it as medicine, please look for it in the sea. (beat an animal)

Answer: Seahorse

2019 Lantern Festival interesting riddles

the lantern festival

Enigma: wear fur coat early and yarn at noon (small household appliances with three characters)

Riddle: fast heat

Tip: I still wear fur coat in the morning, and I wear gauze at noon. It's too hot.

Enigma: both sides allow (type two words commonly used in Internet)

Mystery: ha ha

Tip: 'two sides' are not divided into two squares (mouth),' allow 'means' can'.

Mystery: pregnant women shopping

Answer: stand up

Tip: hang out and go shopping~

Enigma: three people work, two people work. (six character idiom)

Riddle: one does not do, two endlessly

Tip: one person doesn't work and two don't rest.

Riddle: let the blind see

Answer: missed call

Tip: waste electricity!

Riddle: only when you fall down can you call Dad (type a word)

Answer: down

Tips: the word "stumble" is combined with the word "fall". The word "fall" means fall. It's the same with the word "Dad".

Riddle: Princess Kwa Lang Jun, iron fan

Mystery: bragging

Tip: Princess Iron Fan's husband is the ox demon king. Don't solve the mystery as' bragging about the ox demon king '.

Enigma: Yintang blackens (hit a female product)

Mystery: bra

Tip: almsgiver, I see your face is yellow and the printing hall is black. It's really a bad omen (BRA).

Enigma: talk big and get beaten again. (play an idiom)

Mystery: blow and blow

Tip: boast again and get beaten again.

Riddle: five million in a person

Answer: it's a pity it's not you

Tip: it's a pity it's not me~

Enigma: sedan bearers are all new faces

Answer: no recognition

Tip: I don't know the person who lifts the sedan chair.

Guessing lantern riddles on Lantern Festival

Mysteries: the hall of righteousness was robbed

Riddle: it's hard to be strong

Tips: 'Juyi Hall' is the place where Liangshan heroes gather, discuss, celebrate, March and issue orders. The heroes are naturally 'strong people' and 'residence'. Don't solve the mystery as' the heroes' house is in trouble '.

Mystery: scared to death

Mystery: Xiaohan

Tip: 'baby' is a child, 'cold' doesn't mean 'afraid'.

Enigma: know the details of Taoist (type two foreign names)

Mystery: Sydney

Tips: don't interpret "knowing" as "knowing" and "nun" as "nun".

Mysteries: the unmarried pregnant are shy

Mystery: I'm sorry

Tip: 'pretty' doesn't mean pregnant with a big stomach.

Enigma: sunflower Scripture has not been completed

Mystery: the White House

Tip: if you want to practice this skill, you must first start from your own house; even if you do, you may not succeed.

Riddle: satisfy consumers

Answer: you're welcome

Tip: don't solve the riddle as' don't make the guest angry ', which is directly related to the meaning of the riddle.

Enigma: make an example of killing monkey without playing (play a dish name)

Mystery: cut the chicken white

Tip: 'Zhi' in the riddle is used as a pronoun. Because of the idiom 'kill the chicken and make an example of the monkey', we use 'Zhi' instead of 'chicken'; 'no effect' means' beheading '. It's said that monkeys are most afraid of seeing blood. The monkey trainer first kills the chicken to see it face to face and tells it to see the strength of the blood, so that it can gradually be educated.

Mystery: snail running

The answer: Altman

Tip: Oh, very slow!