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How to raise Narcissus? Four necessary conditions for raising Narcissus

Narcissus is one of the famous flowers in China, which has a high ornamental value, so many people like to raise it. However, you always see that the flowers and branches raised by others are numerous and leafy, and you can't raise them well when you raise them by yourself. The following small series teach you a few good methods of Narcissus.

1. Suitable temperature

In the temperature of 18-20 ℃, Narcissus will grow more luxuriant, so in summer and winter when the weather is more extreme, it is necessary to control the temperature of narcissus to avoid its growth due to improper temperature.

2. Watering and fertilization

Watering Narcissus should be dry and wet. Every time, it should be thoroughly watered. It is most suitable to water in the morning and evening. In summer, when the weather is hot, it needs to be watered every two days. In other seasons, it should be properly reduced according to the temperature. In the growing season, thin compound fertilizer should be applied once a week.

3. Light

Narcissus is a kind of short sunshine plant. It can grow normally if it has 6 hours of sunshine every day. If the light is not enough, the leaves are easy to grow in vain, with little or no flowering; if the light is too strong, it is not conducive to their growth.

4. Sandy soil

Narcissus will grow better in loose and fertile sandy soil. If it is potted in family, it is most suitable to use sandy soil with good water retention capacity. Of course, Narcissus can also be cultured in water clean and sanitary.