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What is the meaning of sand sculpture net friend? Thanks for the source and source of sand sculpture

In this Internet world, people like to use Internet terms for communication. Some words are too direct and easy to hurt others, so many people like to use euphemism. Do you know what sand carving netizens mean? Where and where does sand carving come from?

What does sand sculpture mean

Now, 'sand sculpture' has a new meaning. Because it has a similar homophony with a word and looks more civilized, it has started to use sand sculpture instead of a word to describe something or someone who is relatively brainless and stupid.

Sand sculpture is the homonym of the word "silly Diao", because the original name may be too explicit, too direct, or there may be a situation of harmony, so we slowly began to use these homonyms to implicitly replace the original words, which is also very forceful and cultural.

Sand sculpture as a homonym for the word "silly Diao" has a long history, but it is more popular recently. Sand sculpture became popular in March this year when a website appeared that can make sand sculpture pictures online. There are almost six templates to choose from, including the real fragrance of Wang Jingze, the most popular one, the dialogue that you can do if you have money, the impossibility of working, and so on. You can add dialogue content by yourself.

Later, funny pictures with big brain holes made by netizens appeared on the Internet, and these are called "sand sculptures". Since then, the word has become popular.

The earliest origin of sand sculpture is not sculpture art, but the origin of the Internet game in the 1980s. The legend before the legend is very popular. There is a little monster named sand sculpture in the desert of Tucheng. The homophony is "silly Diao" in Lianyungang's words.

Popular in the Internet: at present, the popularity of lol, it's appropriate to use sand sculpture to describe Ximen Jianji, and it means joking. So many people think of Ximen as soon as they listen to the sand sculpture.

Where is the source of "thank you sand sculpture netizen"

As for the derivative saying that the word is "sand sculpture" on the Internet, the popularity of "thanks to sand sculpture netizens" stems from an expression pack related to "thanks to sand sculpture netizens" on the Internet, which is warmly sought after by everyone and widely used and reproduced.

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