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How to keep the strawberries that can't be eaten? Sharing of strawberry preservation techniques in s

Strawberry taste sour and sweet, rich in nutrition, which contains a lot of vitamin C, and its beauty value has attracted many people successfully. Spring is the season of strawberry market, so you know how to save the endless strawberries?

Use of preservative film

We know that the speed of eating strawberries will never catch up with the speed of strawberry deterioration. How can we extend the 'life span' of strawberries? If the strawberries you bought are not finished, don't wash them with water, and don't remove the strawberries' stems. Wrap the strawberries with plastic wrap directly to ensure that they don't change color or shrink in a day. When using the plastic wrap, it should be firm and free of cracks, otherwise it will affect the effect.

Put it in a ventilated place

Strawberry is a kind of fruit which is difficult to keep fresh. Put it in a ventilated place. If the weather is not cold or hot, you can put strawberries in a relatively ventilated place, which can be kept for 1-2 days generally.

Cartons, newspapers

First place the strawberries on the plastic wrap, then cover it with a layer of plastic wrap, and then put it into the carton or wrap the wrapped strawberries with newspaper, so as to prevent water loss.

Put it in the refrigerator

If you want to keep strawberries for a longer time, you can store them in the refrigerator. Put strawberries in a large plastic bag, fasten the bag mouth, prevent water loss, dry shrinkage and discoloration, and then store them in the 0-3 ℃ cold storage, maintain a certain constant temperature, and avoid the temperature from high to low.

Fresh box

Before storing strawberries, wipe the strawberries clean, and don't touch them, or they will break faster. Store the strawberries in a sealed container, spread paper towels in the container to absorb the excess moisture of strawberries, arrange them in a row to ensure that they do not touch each other, and finally mark the storage date on the container.