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How long can air bike do to thin legs? Cycle of air cycling

Many people like to do sports, the common sport is to ride a bicycle, and the effect of exercise before going to bed is very obvious. So how long can you lose weight if you insist on doing air bike every night?

How long can an air bike lose weight every night

Generally, a week's time will have obvious effect, but it will be obvious if you insist on it. It's best to spend a little time exercising before going to bed.

1. Choose the way of supine, lie on the mat, put both hands on the side of the body, palm down, and bend and relax the legs.

2. According to your weight-loss plan, slowly try to exercise your knees and legs, keep your upper body still, and feel like riding a bicycle.

3. The legs need to be warmed up in advance, with the left leg bent and the right leg extended upward.

4. Push the right leg down and keep it in the air, while the left leg still keeps the same bending position.

5. The left leg drives the right leg for step-by-step training, and then the right leg bends and the left leg stretches upward.

6. When the left leg is pushed down, the right leg is raised at the same time.

7. The two methods are carried out alternately, with the right leg extended upward and the left leg bent back.

In this order, first push 10 times in the direction, then push 10 times in the opposite direction. After finishing the movement, straighten your legs and put them on the ground, turn your palms up, close your eyes slightly and relax.

How long does air bike exercise

The cycle is one week, provided that it is done in strict accordance with the requirements, and the thin legs will be very obvious. At the beginning, exercise step by step. It is best to exercise for 40 minutes or so, more than 500 times a day, and 40 minutes or so of air bike exercise time can be thin, because the accumulated heat consumption of the body can only see the effect when it reaches a certain amount. The air bike movement stresses from less to more step-by-step, and only when tired can it be effective.

The action can still be done in a standard way. It's normal to feel soreness. You need to constantly adapt to the feeling and gradually improve your plan. Stay a little longer after lifting up, and when lifting up, combine the thighs, and the knees show a close state. At the beginning of cycling, it will be very tired, so you can only step on one hundred, and then slowly increase to three hundred and five hundred.