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How to store Pu'er tea best? Detailed explanation of the three most suitable ways to store Pu'er tea

Many people like to drink Pu'er tea, but they don't know how to store it. Pu'er tea is different from other kinds of tea. The taste of Pu'er tea will change with different storage time, which is also the unique feature of Pu'er tea. Today, Xiaobian will introduce how to store Pu'er tea.

1、 Money saving and labor saving carton storage

If you are not a tea dealer or don't have the habit of collecting tea, just like drinking tea. So this method is the most cost-effective and practical. First, the tea is packed in plastic bags, and then the tea is placed in cartons. Remember not to put the carton against the wall or the ground. Try to avoid the carton directly touching the wall and floor.

Because the cartons will absorb the water vapor from the walls or the ground, which will cause the tea to be wet and moldy, especially in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places, where the air humidity is relatively high, it is easy to cause the tea to be wet if you do not pay attention. It is better to put the cartons with tea in a cool, dry and ventilated place, such as bookcase, wooden shelf and so on.

Special attention should be paid to the storage period of tea: 'plum rain season', when there are water drops on the wall every year. If the cartons where the tea is placed are close to the wall or the ground, it is easy to get damp. It is suggested that in the rainy season, tea friends should check regularly to see if the tea is damp.

In addition, the storage of Pu'er tea also needs to avoid being exposed to the sun, which will lead to the deterioration of tea.

2、 Highly recommended pot storage method

The method of tea storage in pot is more scientific, because the tea storage in pot can effectively prevent the tea from getting damp, avoid contact with the air, and produce oxidation reaction. In addition, the tea storage in pot has the effect of waking up the tea, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone. Recommended pot: pottery pot or purple sand pot.

The storage of Pu'er tea has high requirements for light, temperature and air humidity. If the storage is not proper, it is easy to cause the tea taste to change. Pu'er tea is easy to smell, so it needs to be sealed with plastic bags before it is placed in cartons. The purpose is to prevent the smell of Pu'er tea, in addition to moisture.

There are two options for pot storage of tea:

1. Store in small jars, one tea for each jar.

2. The tea can not be mixed in a large pot. Each kind of tea needs to be sealed with a plastic bag and then placed in a large pot.

The fragrance of each variety of Pu'er tea is different. In order to prevent cross flavor, different teas should not contact each other. After the tea leaves are placed in the pot, the pot must be sealed to prevent the tea taste from dissipating.

Raw tea and cooked tea should also be stored separately, not together. For tea, it's better to store it in a purple sand pot, because it has good air permeability. In addition, the old tea needs wake-up tea, and the taste of the old tea after wake-up tea will be more mellow. The old tea will be prized and placed in the purple sand pot one month in advance, which can wake up the tea.

3、 Storage of loose tea

The tea elder sister suggested that the loose tea had better not be stored, because the loose tea has not been suppressed, and it is easy to disperse the flavor. The flavor and taste of stored loose tea for one to two years are not as good as before. Short term storage of loose tea can be sealed with plastic bags or stored in a purple sand pot.

Many tea friends use refrigerators to store Pu'er tea. This storage method is wrong. Pu'er tea will change constantly in the storage process. If it is placed in the refrigerator, the contents of tea will be contained, so it is impossible to 'grow older and more fragrant'. In addition, various foods are placed in the refrigerator for a long time, and Pu'er tea is easy to absorb other peculiar smell when placed in the refrigerator.

In order to make Pu'er tea achieve the goal of "getting older and thinking more", we must pay attention to every detail, such as: damp, cleaning, humidity, temperature, light, smell, etc., every detail is very important.