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What is the peak season for the growth of green pineapple? How to make the green pineapple grow vigo

We raise the most variety of green pineapple, which is suitable for indoor light scattering. Hydroponics and soil culture are all OK. Let's answer the questions about how to make the growth season of green pineapple flourish.

What is the peak season for the growth of green pineapple

The peak season for the growth of green pineapple should be from April to September, which is my opinion and experience through cultivation. I am from Shandong Province in the north. From October to March, the temperature is low, which is not suitable for the growth of green pineapple. The growth of green pineapple is slow, and even the temperature is lower than five degrees Celsius, and the green pineapple will be frostbitten. The growth season of green pineapple can not be determined specifically. The differences between the South and the north will affect the differences in the growth season of green pineapple.

How does the green pineapple grow vigorously?

1. Green pineapple likes loose and fertile soil with strong water permeability and fast drainage. After watering, the water shall be discharged immediately without ponding. The discharged water can be gathered in the tray, and the water will be absorbed automatically according to the dry and wet conditions of the basin soil.

2. Green pineapple likes sunny environment to prevent sun exposure. It's better to put the indoor culture in the sunny place. I always put it near the sunny window. It can have four or five hours of direct light, and the growth is particularly vigorous. If there is no light for a long time, the plant will grow in vain, the distance between stem nodes will increase, and the leaves will be small and yellow.

3. If you want the green pineapple to grow vigorously, you should keep a certain growth temperature indoors, and its suitable growth temperature is about 25 ℃.

4. The green pineapple likes the humid environment. The basin soil should be kept moist. Under the condition of good ventilation, it can often spray water on the leaf surface.

5. Apply fertilizer frequently and apply light fertilizer. The amount of NPK compound fertilizer should be small every ten days or so. It can also be sprayed with potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution on the leaves, which can be bright green.

6. Strengthen ventilation, but pay attention to the invasion of cold wind.