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What's the reason for waiting for Zhang Yunlei to come back? Why Zhang Yunlei left the stage tempora

What's the meaning of waiting for Zhang Yunlei to come back? Recently, when recording the new issue of happy comedian, Zhang Yunlei said that he would temporarily withdraw from the stage, and many fans said that he would wait for Zhang Yunlei to come back, which seems to be loyal iron powder!

next, I'm going to leave comedian's stage. Because the steel plate on my body has expired, I have to rest and recover for some time. "Wait for me, I'll be back after the operation, and you can see a normal walking me!" said Zhang Yunlei, a pigtail

As for Zhang Yunlei's temporary farewell to the stage of comedian, netizens have said that they hope you have a good rest, pay attention to your body, and wait for you to come back.