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What is Huabai cash? Life fraud prevention knowledge related to Huabai cash out

While Huabei and borrow Bei bring convenience to our life, some people with ulterior motives have also made crooked ideas. Some lawbreakers use the name of "Huabei cash out" and "borrowing money" to commit fraud. What is "Huabei cash out"? Xiaobian will talk about the relevant life fraud prevention knowledge.

What is Huabai cash?

Hua Bai cash is usually operated through Taobao store. Cash providers first purchase virtual goods in Taobao stores, pay them to the seller by spending flowers, and the seller deducts a certain fee, then the remaining amount is returned to the buyer's Alipay account. After the buyer confirms receipt, the amount of money transferred to the seller's Alipay. It is understood that at present, the fee for cash out is generally between 5% and 10%, or even higher.

Ants, flowers, cash fraud

With the increasing number of people in need of cash out, professional platforms for helping others cash out are emerging in an endless stream. Search for information about "Huabei cash out" on QQ group or Weibo, and dozens of Huabei cash out groups can be found. However, there are new types of fraud, which are simple and straightforward. Lawbreakers find out the characteristics of netizens eager to arbitrage, and induce them to charge only a small amount of handling fees, which can help netizens to cash out successfully. Once the netizens listen, the illegal link will send Trojan horse programs. If you click on the entry, your online shopping account and password information will be leaked. Criminals can also easily use Alipay to steal your card balance.

Another trick is to issue cash out advertisements through wechat friends circle or wechat group. When you transfer the handling fee, the other party will blackmail you and empty your wealth.

Why do more and more people spend money to cash out?

And the service charge for helping cash out is often very high, so why is the service charge so high, but someone is willing to pay for it? The answer is to solve the urgent problem. There are two main types of cash out people: one is people without credit card, the other is people who pay cash out to return credit card. Most of the reasons are to solve the problem of short-term capital turnover. In general, the time of cash out once is not more than five minutes. I have to admit that for people who need money badly, it is really convenient for them to spend money to cash out.

Because of the urgent use of money, the safety awareness of the cashiers will be low. When they enjoy the convenience brought by cashing, they often ignore the hidden risks behind it.

The influence of "ants and flowers" and "cash out scam"

Influence credit records

Huabei's repayment date is on the 10th of every month, so no matter how much money is set out, it will still be paid in the end, but it's just a temporary turnover of cash demand. In case of overdue repayment, in addition to paying 5% overdue interest every day, it also bears credit risk. Hua Bai's consumer behavior is closely related to everyone's credit data. If Alipay discovers that frequent use of flowers and cash, it may reduce the credit score of sesame seeds.

Violation of law

We know that it is illegal to cash out with credit card, and those with serious circumstances may bear criminal responsibility, such as conviction and punishment for credit card fraud. Although Huabei's cash out is not the traditional type of credit card cover, there are still some legal risks.

For cash out merchants, the risk is not small. At present, ant financial said that Huabei has started to identify merchants involved in cash out, and will take measures such as restricting the use of Huabei, or even freezing account funds.

So the person who wants to cash out by spending money should think clearly first. Don't think that the cash out is not successful. Instead, it has been cashed out by others. Besides, you have to pay back the money for others. You also have the risk of credit damage. Think carefully! Please pay attention to the fact that the online cash out is a fraud. Don't spend it easily.