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How long can I get an Australian study visa? How much is the visa for studying in Australia

Australia is a country with a very sound legal system and a very low crime rate in the world. It is also one of the safest countries to study abroad. Its education system is also very strict. Therefore, Australia is one of the most popular countries to study abroad at present. However, visa is a key to the door of Australia. How long can an Australian study visa be completed? How much is the Australian study visa? Come and have a look.

Time of application for studying in Australia:

There are two types of visas in Australia: e-visa and ordinary visa.

E-visa is a set of online application operating system developed by Australian Immigration Department to improve the efficiency of student visa approval. With the use and promotion of the electronic visa system, more and more students studying in Australia choose electronic visa. Because the electronic visa is fast, the visa review cycle is greatly shortened. If the physical examination of the applicant is successful, there is no need for further verification by telephone, generally around 3-6 weeks.

In fact, there is no fixed time for the review cycle of e-visa for studying in Australia. There are a lot of visa applications that come out within one month after they are submitted. Usually most of the reviews can be completed within one to two months.

The normal visa takes 3-4 months, and the normal visa is 2 months to receive PVA.

The Australian Immigration Office suggests that all applicants should submit materials 12 weeks in advance, and 6-8 weeks is the trial cycle. Don't hold on to - 8 weeks because of the visa officer's work cycle. If it happens to be at the peak of the trial, or if there are various factors such as the Embassy's internal review or investigation of the submitted materials, the visa officer's leave and so on, it is likely that the visa period will be longer, more than two months, or even longer.

Generally, students admitted in September are recommended to apply for admission in April, while those admitted in February are recommended to apply for admission in November. Leave enough time for parents to deal with unexpected situations.

If the visa officer has a vacation, a change of job, or the last legal holiday we want to see, the whole application will slow down. Therefore, it is recommended that you prepare visa materials half a year in advance and submit your application as soon as possible three months before the start of school. If you use electronic signature, you need to have a simple economic situation and a complex economic source. It is recommended to use universal signature.

Australia study visa fee:

1、 General visa fee

In terms of specific costs, the student visa fee is $535, the spouse visa fee is $405, and the child visa fee (under 18 years old) is $135. When applying for a visa, the applicant can pay by personal credit card, but it needs to be visa or master card, and it is better for the card to have enough money to pay the visa fee and open the overseas payment function.

In addition to the visa to Australia, the visa fee for visitor visa, namely 600 visa, has also been changed from 780 yuan to 790 yuan. According to the regional division, for each application submitted to the Shanghai embassy for trial, a service fee of RMB 175 will still be paid to Beijing avac and Shanghai avac, totaling RMB 965. Only visa fee will be paid for the application submitted to the Guangzhou embassy for trial.

2、 Electronic visa fee

Because the Australian immigration administration stipulates that e-visa is only allowed to be handled by approved agencies, visa fees will vary according to different agencies.

Starting from January 1, 2010, the Australian study visa fee has been adjusted upward again. Since January 2010, many types of visa fees have been rising, and the amount of increase is not large, more than 1000 yuan, less than dozens of yuan.

1. Since immigration Australia put into use the electronic visa system, the cost of equipment and maintenance is high, and the number of visa processing is increasing, and the cost of workers is increasing.

2. The Aussie dollar's rise to the yuan also led to an increase in Australian visa fees.

Every March, July and November are the adjustment periods of Australian embassy visa. The visa fee will be adjusted according to the visa trends.

Application process of study abroad visa in Australia:

organize materials:

You need to sort out the materials you have and prepare to apply for a visa. According to the requirements of the Embassy at present, it is necessary to provide comprehensive application materials. Otherwise, due to the fact that the Australian immigration policy has been fully open to Chinese students in recent years, the number of Chinese students applying for studying in Australia is on the rise in a straight line. At present, there are many application materials queuing up in the overseas student trial center of the Australian immigration administration. If individual cases are not prepared adequately For documents, the trial officer of the immigration office is not responsible for notifying the applicant to make up the application documents, and then hearing them when the supplementary documents are complete. In most cases, he directly sends a refusal letter. If so, the application fee will be wasted, and there will be obstacles for the next application.


Generally speaking, visa application documents should be prepared as much as possible. Of course, not all the documents on hand should be submitted, mainly some important materials. About 2-3 weeks after the application is submitted, the embassy will send the opening letter, acceptance number and the attached medical examination form to accept the visa pre examination.

Waiting for the embassy to issue the pre assessment pass notice:

You can wait patiently for the embassy to issue the notice of passing the pre assessment, generally about 1.5-2 months. When the embassy officially sends the notice of passing the pre assessment, we need to make a fast preparation for our work here, because according to the Embassy's requirements, we need to prepare for physical examination within 28 days, and then exchange foreign exchange to pay tuition fees. When the school receives the pre paid tuition fees or deposit in this time and handles the registration procedures for you, the school will issue an admission confirmation The final step is to collect the above materials and send them to the Australian consulate for affixing.

To sum up, the above is about how long it takes for an Australian study visa to come down. I hope that I can give you some tips on how to get lost. In recent years, studying in Australia has been the most popular topic for the majority of students. At the same time, many students are troubled by visa application, college selection, employment prospects, learning costs and many other issues. Don't worry, IDP experts can help you out. At the same time, more information about studying in Australia is waiting for you, which will definitely make you 'Browse' forget to return. Here, I sincerely hope that all the students can go to the ideal school in their mind and have success in their studies!